Top Travel-Friendly Toys for Kids on the Go

The joy and challenges of traveling with kids come at the same time. Long car rides, airplane journeys and new exciting destinations can also test the patience of young adventurers. In Singapore, there is a wide variety of toys available for kids. This blog will look at top-friendly toys for kids to keep them engaged in their journey.

Key factors while deciding on Toys for kids 

In Singapore, while deciding on toys for kids, it’s better to note down some key factors that can make your journey with a kid easy.

Portability: When traveling, it’s better to think of small, lightweight and easy-to-pack toys. Bulky toys are the biggest disasters in your backpack or suitcase. You can choose the travel-size-friendly version of toys for kids, which can be assembled easily. 

Mess-free: Avoid everything that can cause a mess in your suitcase, such as glitter, slime or anything that can cause disturbance. Choose washable or wipeable toys for easy cleanup. 

Versatility: Toys that offer multiple ways to play or have different difficulty levels can help your child stay busy longer. You can search for toys with different options that can be chosen for different occasions. Trio Kids has kids-friendly toys that are perfect for keeping kids busy while traveling. A simple set of blocks or lightweight toys is a perfect option for kids. 

Durable: Travel toys endure a lot. Choose toys made of high-quality material that can withstand tough conditions such as bumps or drops. Avoid toys with small parts that could break or become a threat, especially for kids. 

Age appropriateness: It is important to choose toys for kids according to their age. At Trio Kids, we have a variety of toys suitable for every age. The toddler will not be interested in complex toys, and a grown-up kid will not like simple coloring books. Thus, it is very important to choose the toys according to age. You can consider your kid’s interests when choosing any toy. 

Top Picks for Tiny Travelers:

Now that we have the serious things out of the way let us get to the interesting part of the discussion – toys! Here are some fantastic options for different age groups

For the littlest explorers (0-2 years old):

Soft Activity Books: These books are colorful, have different textures, make crinkly sounds, and have safe mirrors that entertain the child.

Stacking Cups are the all-time favorite; they will always remain relevant regardless of the situation. They can be stacked on one another, knocked down easily, used during bath time, or used as makeshift containers for small toys.

Teethers: It can be tiring for little mouths while traveling, so a good quality teether is essential. Choose one with different textures or forms for extra play value in the toy.

For the curious crew (3-5 years old):

Travel-Sized Magnetic Tiles: These are small and slightly different versions of the well-known building sets that help in creativity on the move. They are not puzzles with pieces left around; they are more like toys in their own right.

Wikki Stix: These colorful wax sticks can stick to most surfaces, and the imagination limits creativity when drawing designs. It is ideal for use on trays or on the window of an airplane (provided you have your eye on your child).

Reusable Sticker Books: These creative sticker books include clingy stickers that can be reused several times by being placed back on the sheet. Say goodbye to the problems of lost stickers or stickers stuck to something you don’t want them on!

At Trio Kids, we have different toys suitable for every age. You can visit the website and purchase your favorite toys for your kids. 

Keep the Fun Going 

It is better to involve a fun element to make the toys more interesting for kids. For this, you can do these things: 

Wrap It Up!: To spice things up, pack a few small toys in gift papers and let your child unwrap them as he or she desires on the trip. This builds up some form of expectation and element of surprise.

DIY Fun: Bring pencils, paper and small notebooks so the children can draw or write while waiting for other activities.
Tech Time Limits: Screen time is a lifesaver, particularly on long trips. However, ensure that the children spend a specified amount of time on screens and engage in other physical activities.

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