Are Rolling School Bags Worth The Hype for Students in Singapore?

Nowadays, books are extremely hard to carry. Especially with the increase in curriculum, the books are not just heavy but are also becoming hard to carry for those little shoulders. There is increased hype for rolling bags because of this, as they make it easier for the students to carry those books every day to school without having a breakdown every other hour. Now, the main question is, are rolling school bags in Singapore worth the hype? We’ve written this blog just for those parents who want to know more! 

This blog will cover everything from an introduction to the bags to the alternatives, in case you change your mind halfway through. So, don’t skip and read on!

What Are Rolling School Bags?

Some people call rolling school bags “wheeled backpacks.” These are backpacks with wheels and a retractable handle that make them easy to carry. These bags are perfect for students because they combine the comfort of a backpack with the portability of rolling luggage, allowing them to carry heavy books and other items with ease.

Pros of Rolling School Bags

Rolling school bags have a lot of benefits for students in Singapore. Firstly, they help reduce the risk of back strain and injury caused by carrying heavy loads. This is especially important for little learners whose bodies are still developing. Additionally, rolling school bags are convenient for students who have to travel long distances to school or carry bulky items like laptops, textbooks, and sports equipment. They can easily roll their bags instead of carrying them on their shoulders, which is going to help reduce fatigue and make it easier to go through crowded streets and public transportation.

Cons of Rolling School Bags

Even though rolling school bags have some pros, they also have some cons that you should think about. One problem is that they might not work well on all surfaces, like stairs or sidewalks that are not level. In Singapore, many schools are in neighborhoods with limited space, so students may have to deal with things like narrow hallways or crowded hallways that make it hard to move rolling bags. Also, rolling school bags might cost more than regular backpacks, which might be a problem for some families.

Suitability for Singaporean Students

It depends on the needs and preferences of each student in Singapore to decide if rolling school bags are worth the hype. A rolling bag could be helpful for students who have to walk a long way to school or carry heavy things. It could also make their trip more comfortable. But a regular backpack might be better for students who go to schools that do not have a lot of room or who have to deal with problems like stairs or crowded hallways.

Considerations Before Purchasing

Students and parents should think about a few things before buying a rolling school bag. First, they should think about how they get to school every day and check to see if a rolling bag would work for the distance and terrain. Also, they should think about the bag’s size and capacity to make sure it can hold everything they need without being too big or heavy. They should also look into different brands and models to find one that is durable, comfortable, and a good deal.

Alternatives to Rolling School Bags

There are alternatives to rolling school bags for students who do not want to use them or can not make them work for them. Classic backpacks with padded straps and ergonomic designs can support and comfort you while spreading the bag’s weight evenly across your back and shoulders. For a more casual and flexible option, students can also use messenger bags or tote bags, especially if they do not need to carry heavy things or go far (these are the trendiest options for university students).


Overall, Singaporean students who use rolling school bags find them useful and comfortable, especially those who have to travel long distances or carry heavy things. However, they might not work well on all surfaces or in all school settings. Before buying, students should think about their own needs and preferences. Whether rolling school bags in Singapore are worth the hype depends on things like your daily commute, the environment at school, and your own comfort.

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