Joan Miro is a top brand derived from England, well recognized as Jar Melo in Europe, the initiator and practice of APT theory. A is Art, We liberate the freedom of our nature in art. P is play, By playing the games, we find our lives clear and choose the right direction as we grow up. T is Think, By using the imagination, we create mirable fairy tales and make our life more colourful.

We believe, in children’s eyes, everything in the world can be looked as art (Art), can be treated as games (Play), and can be thought with imagination (Think). They are just like the air, the rain and the sunshine. We can’t live without them, and they also make our childhood happier and more beautiful.


Product Benefits

Social Skills 1 | Trio Kids | April, 2024

Social Skills

Experts believe that art and craft activities can influence children positively and can help them with developing certain crucial social skills, which is why Art & Craft lessons are so popular in school. These Art and Craft activities provide them with a platform for children to express themselves, especially at such a young age where they might not be able to communicate well. Having an outlet to express their creativity encourages expression, which in return builds their confidence.

Developmental Skills

Crucial developmental skills, such as creativity, concentration and hand-eye coordination are milestones that each child will go through as they progress through their childhood. Art & Craft activities can help children

Developmental Skills 1 | Trio Kids | April, 2024
Safety 2 | Trio Kids | April, 2024


Your child’s safety is our number one priority. Have an ease of mind and allow your child to express their creativity safely through our paint materials. Made with food-grade oils and water-based materials, these materials are 100% non-toxic and are washable with minimal effort. Paints have been repeatedly tested to be proven safe for children and in accordance with various safety regulations.


Art & Craft activities are suitable for children and adults alike _ which makes it the perfect activity for parent-child bonding sessions. Witness your child’s crucial developmental skills, such as creativity, their ability to concentrate while completing an art project and hand-eye coordination skills and celebrate these milestones with them. Parent-child bonding is extremely important as it helps the child exhibit optimistic and confident social behaviors.

Bonding 1 | Trio Kids | April, 2024
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