Ergonomic School Bags

Trio Kids school backpacks combines ergonomic designs that brings abosolute comfort with styles that are loved by kids. It redistributes weight across the body to ensure a healthy, uncompressed spine and provides large capacity in a compact size.


Scientifically designed for perfect distribution of weight across the body to give minimum pressure while the soft, breathable back padding provides maximum comfort and support.


Backpacks come with many compartments so that every item has a place it belongs, giving you a neat and organised bag that makes locating every item a breeze.


Our backpacks are constructed such that the backpack doesn’t look too big and bulky on the outside, but is deceivingly spacious on the inside.


All backpacks are fitted with our high -quality reflective strips. These provides additional visibility in traffic and added safety.


Carrying backpacks heavier than recommended can cause overcompensation with other parts of the body especially in children. They are likely to bend forward at the hips or arch their backs to accommodate the weight, which compresses the spine unusually. This could lead to shoulder, neck and back pain and bad posture that persists even in adulthood. 

8 design elements of a TrioKids Backpack

Backpack fitted to the torso length

Backpacks should rest between the joint of your neck and the top of your hip bone. Backpacks longer than that would not be an ergonomic fit. This determines the size of backpack you should be getting.

Wide, padded straps

Thin straps can cut into the shoulders, making the bag uncomfortable to carry. The perfect strap should be wide and padded for maximum comfort and even weight distribution across your shoulders, but not too wide that they rub on your neck and arm

Sternum belt

Besides holding the shoulder straps in place, sternum belts are a great way to stabilise the backpack to reduce the heavy feeling of the pack after carrying around for an extended period of time.

Front Pouch Compartment

Having multiple compartments helps in organizing loose or smaller items in place. This saves time and effort when looking for items such as wallets or keys. Compartments also helps hold these items more snugly against the torso.

Pockets and magnetic flaps​

It makes finding bottles and pencil cases easily accessible. No need to worry about closing the bag.

Padded and ventilated backrest

Padded backrests allow the backpack to mould to the shape of your back for extra comfort and stability. Added ventilation allows the padded backrest to cool the back and prevent sweating.


This prevents the rain and sweat from seeping into the bag, which can ruin items in the bag.

Compression straps

Compression strap squishes the load closer to the pack frame and keeps the load snug and compact. This brings the weight and bulk nearer to your back for better weight transfer and balance, providing more comfort.


Each compartment is uniquely designed to fit a variety of items from books, tablets to laptops. It is tailored to fit every item in harmony, which makes locating any item a breeze. Our front and side compartments provide plenty of room for smaller items and accessories so that they are easily accessible and keeps bigger compartments clean and tidy.

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