Perfect Activities for Parent-Child Bonding

Searching for an activity that will interest both you and your child? 

A child’s first and most important relationships are with their parents, and having a positive parent-child relationship helps children to learn and understand the world. By building a relationship with your child, you are creating a unique bond that nurtures his or her growth and development. Moreover, maintaining a great parent-child relationship will set the foundation of your kid’s behaviour, personality, values and traits. 

Healthy and positive parent-child relationships are built on quality time. When you spend time with your child, you are not only giving him or her more attention, but are also expressing your love for your child. 

Spending time with your child is beneficial in various ways:

  • Promotes brain development
  • Enhances language skills 
  • Develops social and emotional behaviour
  • Encourages positive parent involvement in the child’s day-to-day life 
  • Creates trust and respect between the parent and child 

You can have parent-child bonding activities anywhere and at any time ー during their playtimes or even before going to bed. 

With Trio Kids Singapore, there are plenty of activities for you and your child to choose from. Indulge in a fun parent-child bonding activity with us today! 


Daytime Discoveries 


Paleontology is a great opportunity to introduce your little one to biology, evolution and scientific concepts. Most children tend to be interested in dinosaurs, which increases their curiosity in learning. Furthermore, encouraging your kid’s interest can in turn inspire critical thinking skills and might even lead to a passion for science! 

Fossils Exavation Kit JarMelo 1598156387 | Trio Kids | June, 2024

With Trio Kids Singapore’s Fossils Excavation Kit , both you and your little one can be a paleontologist at home today! Through this activity, your kid will be treated to the amazing world of fossil discoveries. This excavation kit will encourage your child to reach a higher level of concentration and patience when they personally excavate their very own dinosaur skeleton. Moreover, this activity applies the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concept, which is highly beneficial for your child’s learning. 

Not only does our fossils excavation kit encourage your child’s development ー this fun educational activity is also designed for parent-child bonding. Join your child on an immersive learning journey with our activity kits today! 

Learning about facial expressions is extremely vital for children to understand and analyse the different emotions of people around them. Studies have shown that children with more advanced face-reading skills tend to perform better academically, and this skill also links to measures of social competence in various settings, such as at school and at work. 

Magnet Play Box Crazy Faces JarMelo 1598156642 | Trio Kids | June, 2024

Our Magnet Play Box – Crazy Faces will bring your little one a time of excitement and exploration as they mix and match different faces! With our kit’s extensive range of magnetic pieces, your kid is free to create any character they wish. In this engaging activity, children will be able to learn about the world’s different occupations while developing their logical thinking, focus and creativity skills. 

This portable mess-free kit is packed with brightly-coloured magnetic pieces and picture reference cards for a time of exploration ー immerse into a world full of endless possibilities with your child today!  

Fossils Excavation Kit, $28.90

Magnet Play Box – Crazy Faces, $31.90


Artsy Adventures 


If your child is a creative little one, look no further! Here at Trio Kids Singapore, there is definitely something for every child and parent. From washable markers to crayons and paint, there are plenty for you to choose from! 

Getting your child involved in art activities helps to encourage fine motor skills, neural development and problem-solving abilities. Apart from developmental benefits, art activities are valuable as they serve as an expressive outlet to release both one’s emotions and creativity. 

Through art activities, parents will be able to interact and understand their child on a better level as working together on a shared artwork facilitates positive interactions, whilst also creating memorable experiences for both parents and children. 

Today, art is known as a popular medium which provides an imaginative and sensory experience for children. Research shows that sensory play helps to cultivate nerve connections in a child’s brain, as well as to support various skills such as language development, cognitive growth, motor skills and social interaction. 

Looking for a fun time to unleash your little one’s inner artist? Head to Trio Kids Singapore’s extensive range of art supplies and activity kits for your parent-child bonding activity today! 

Washable Paint, $11.90

Washable Markers, from $19.90

Washable Crayons, from $13.90


Exploring Possibilities 

1000 1000 | Trio Kids | June, 2024


Trio Kids Singapore provides a wide variety of activity kits for your little one to explore different STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) concepts. These kits give children a hands-on opportunity to learn creatively, while also focusing on the process of innovation alongside educational concepts. 

Ocean Soap Making DIY Kit, $39.90

Kitchen Set Large Tooky Toy 1598155056 300x300 1 | Trio Kids | June, 2024

Pretend play plays an important role in a child’s language and emotional development. From expanding one’s vocabulary to learning new roles, pretend play toys provide children with an opportunity to explore different job roles and be able to better comprehend the world around them. Furthermore, pretend play is known to be an engaging and inclusive activity for everyone, so be sure to join your child in a fun time of role-playing today! 

Kitchen Set, $149

At Trio Kids, we believe that a child’s educational and growth development is extremely vital, and so is a positive parent-child relationship. With these educational kits and toys, you will be able to embark on an imaginative learning journey with your child. And who knows ー you might just learn something new too! 

See something that catches your eye? Look no further ー check us out at Trio Kids Singapore today! 

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