Easy-to-Share Toys and Activities for 2 (or More) Kids

Sharing is a vital skill that is useful in our daily lives, may it be at the playground or at a workplace setting. Having a good understanding of sharing allows us to play and work cooperatively, compromise, and negotiate with others well. 

The act of sharing comes in various forms — taking turns, showing love and many more. 

It is important to develop good sharing habits at a young age, as this allows children to learn how to build friendships, as well as cooperate with their peers. 

Although learning to share can be a challenge for young kids, bringing opportunities and activities for your child can help them to understand the concept of sharing. Here at Trio Kids, we aim to bring fulfilling experiences to children — with our line of products catered to building good sharing habits, your child will be treated to an enjoyable time of fun and learning! 

In this article, we provide you and your child with our extensive range of toys and activities — which are also suitable for group fun! 

Artsy Doodlers

Engaging in art activities is not only important in honing one’s dexterity and fine motor skills, but also helps to introduce concepts of sharing and collaboration. By working on a painting or colouring activity together, children will have the opportunity to explore self-expression while communicating with each other. With our child-safe art supplies, Trio Kids ensures children a safe and enjoyable playtime. 


If your kid loves exploring with colours, this tactile experience is definitely one not to miss. Our Children’s Finger Paint Kit comes in two themes – blue and pink, according to your child’s preference. Finger painting activities are a great tool to encourage brain stimulation, language skills, as well as to hone one’s fine motor skills. 

Apart from finger painting activities, our Clay Figurine Making kits also provide a tactile experience for little hands. By kneading, rolling and moulding colourful pieces of clay, your child is free to create anything and everything they wish. Our kits come in sets of 24 and 36 colours, so there is plenty to go around! 

To enhance your child’s clay figurine making activity, be sure to check out our 5 Piece Modeling Tool Set — this vibrant vegetable-themed tool set introduces concepts such as rolling, moulding and cutting while making different shapes with dough or clay pieces. 

Children’s Finger Paint Kit, $47.90

Clay Figurine Making, from $38

5 Piece Modeling Tool Set, $14.50


For those who prefer doodling or drawing, not to worry! Here at Trio Kids, discover our galore of art supplies — from our Washable Crayons to Signature Duo Markers, there is definitely something for every child. 

Indulge your young ones in an exciting creative activity today! 

Washable Crayons, from $13.90

Signature Duo Markers, $27.90

Animal Lovers 

Know a young one who loves animals?

Introduce your child to the world’s diverse animal kingdom with Trio Kids! Learning about animals is a great opportunity to expand one’s vocabulary and language skills, alongside empathy and caring skills. Through this learning experience, kids will be able to better understand the world around them. Furthermore, animals never fail to fascinate and captivate a child’s attention! 

Made out of vibrant-coloured wooden animal figures, our Safari Jeep set serves as an amazing pretend play activity, which promotes language expression, fine motor and logical skills in children. When playing together, this playset provides children with opportunities to communicate, empathise and most importantly, have fun with each other (besides, as the phrase goes — the more the merrier). 

Our High-Quality Wooden Puzzle sets are also another fun activity for young animal lovers to indulge in — with 24 colourful puzzle pieces and from 4 different themes to choose from, this puzzle activity not only develops problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination, but also introduces concepts of patience and concentration. When given the opportunity to solve a puzzle together, children will be able to work as a team and share their achievements. 

Safari Jeep, $55.90

High-Quality Wooden Puzzle, $18.90

Young Discoverers 

Have a curious little one?

Not to worry — Trio Kids introduces an extensive range of Science Kits, with various themed activities for your child to choose from! 

For kids who prefer a relaxing DIY activity, our Fun Soap Making DIY Kit is the perfect one! Each kit makes up to 10 soap pieces of different shapes and sizes, and are great gifts for family and friends. In addition, this activity is group-friendly — with plenty of materials to go around, children will definitely be treated to an amazing time.

Young science lovers are sure to be fascinated by our I Like Science DIY Kit — introducing new science concepts through hands-on experiments, this activity kit will bring forth curiosity and creativity in children. Spice up your activity and explore the endless world of science with a friend today! 

Fun Soap Making DIY Kit, $39.90

I Like Science DIY Kit, $39.90

Here at Trio Kids, we ensure that there is always a fun and fulfilling activity for every child. Dive in and discover our variety of toys and activities for your young ones today! 

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