Activities for Children Before Bedtime

Before bedtime, it is important for your child to relax and wind down ー this could come in the form of a low-intensity and calming activity. Bedtime activities are not only great opportunities to spend quality time with your little one after a long day of school and work, but also hold developmental benefits such as language and communication skills. 

Here at Trio Kids, we bring both you and your child a range of activities to choose from! 


Puzzle activities are amazing to get children settled down before bedtime. Additionally, they are a great portable on-the-go activity for long drives and vacations! 

Do not underestimate the power that puzzle activities hold ー working on a puzzle helps to occupy one’s mind, whilst bringing a calm and stress-free atmosphere. As your child tunes into a highly-satisfying and therapeutic activity like this, he or she will be able to release all forms of stress before bedtime. 

For younger children, puzzle activities are known for developing one’s dexterity ー the actions of picking up and piecing different-shaped pieces together allows their little finger muscles to strengthen and promotes hand-eye coordination. 

Indulging in a puzzle activity requires focus and concentration. Through this, your child will be able to build his or her memory and attention span, which is beneficial for one’s development. Upon completion, this activity in turn rewards children with high satisfaction, enhancing their self-esteem. 

Trio Kids provides a diverse variety of puzzle sets ー from classic puzzle pieces to colourful geometric-shaped puzzles, there is definitely something for every child! 


6 in 1 Mini Puzzle, $37.90

High Quality Wooden Puzzle, $18.90

Magnetic Puzzle – Shapes, $29.90

Imaginative Play

Incorporating imaginative play into your child’s bedtime routine holds various benefits such as language and social skills. These activities are great tools for your kid to practice and develop their vocabulary and communication skills.

Imaginative play, or pretend play provides a safe space for children to explore, whilst helping to foster creativity and empathy, especially when playing with another child. When a child immerses himself or herself into a role, they are given the opportunity to discover scenarios, where new terms will be introduced. In addition, these “situations” also build other developmental benefits such as motor skills and problem-solving skills. 

Imaginative play compared to other activities, is definitely one that is lower in intensity, which helps children to wind down their energy levels before bedtime. Furthermore, pretend play activities are known to build better parent-child relationships through bonding. 

Explore endless possibilities and your child’s interests with our play pretend sets today!  

London Bus, $61.90

Doll House, $159


Looking for a storytelling activity without having to hold a book? 

Storytelling helps to promote one’s imagination and language development ー with our Shadow Theater Fairytale by Jar Melo, your child will be treated to an amazing story adventure. With 11 shadow puppets in this set, you are free to create your very own fairytale! 

Spice up your bedtime routine with our Kaleidoscope ー at just a simple turn, this portable fairytale-themed toy will bring your young one on a magical journey filled with patterns. 

Shadow Theater Fairytale, $32.90

Kaleidoscope, $7.90

See an activity that catches your eye, or have yet to? Not to worry ー there is always something for every child at Trio Kids Singapore. From vibrant-coloured wooden toys to our galore of puzzle activities, we are sure that you will be spoilt for choice! 

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