Why Get Wooden Toys in Singapore than Plastic Toys

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Wooden toys are often considered the traditional toy, and for good reason. They’re sturdy and can be given as a gift for many different occasions, not just birthdays or Christmas. When you give a child a wooden toy that they love, it’s going to last them longer than any other toy because of how durable it is. Wooden toys in Singapore also have an old-time charm to them that no other type of plastic or metal toy has been able to replicate so far!

They bring about a sense of nostalgia and don’t need batteries to work or lights to turn on. Plus they’re environmentally friendly – even if there were lead paint on these types of items before safety regulations were put in place decades ago, the paints used nowadays are non-toxic. The insides of these toys can also be made up of things like sawdust so the wooden toy itself is biodegradable. They’re safe for toddlers to chew on, and they don’t have any sharp edges that could hurt someone if it fell on them.

3 reasons why they are better than plastic

  1. They are better than plastic because they can give a sense of nostalgia and don’t need to be plugged in or have lights to turn on. They’re sturdy and can be given as a gift for almost any occasion.
  2. While plastic toys seem to be the latest rage, there’s a certain charm about wooden toys in Singapore. They bring back feelings of nostalgia and they’re sturdy enough that you can play with them without worrying about breaking them immediately. Plastic toys are easily broken or damaged, which means kids tend to lose interest in playing with them because it’s not as fun to play with something that will break after a few uses. Wood toys, on the other hand, are more practical and can withstand being played with for longer periods of time which means kids can have fun without worrying about them breaking.
  3. Children’s imaginations are stimulated by these toys because they have more character than plastic ones. They aren’t always the latest fad, but they can be given as a gift for almost any occasion. You don’t need to wait until someone’s birthday or Christmas to give them wood toys. They can be enjoyed all year round and you don’t have to worry about giving out the same toy twice because there are so many different kinds of them toys that you can choose from. Plastic toys may be cheaper but they don’t have the same lasting impression that wooden ones do.

How to choose the best one for your child’s age?

Kids love toys. You can get a lot of them for your child. The best toy is the one that you think is best for your child’s age.

There are many types of toys. Most kids like to play with plastic toys since they’re more colorful and they make noise. However, plastic toys lack the charm that wooden toys bring.

Wood is an attractive natural material; it has a certain warmth that cannot be matched by plastic or other synthetic materials. Wooden objects can give off a relaxing smell and they feel safe to hold.

They promote natural and imaginative play and stimulate the child’s senses and coordination skills. The sound of wooden blocks falling can be quite satisfying, especially when building a tower. Children learn through play and games which is easier with wooden toys in Singapore since the colors are more vibrant than plastic toys as well as being less of a choking hazard. Plastic toys are more likely to contain toxins that can leach out into the child’s system if they put them in their mouth. Whereas these wood toys don’t have any toxic chemicals so there is no danger of poisoning your child if he/she puts it in their mouths.

What is the difference between unfinished and finished wood toys?

Most of the difference between unfinished and finished wood toys is the way they are priced. Unfinished toy may have a lower price point, but it also needs to be assembled. The finished toy is ready to go right out of the package.

Though this article is not about pricing, it should be noted that unfinished toys are best for kids who like to use their imaginations and work on a project. Finished wooden toys may have a cuter exterior but they’re also more likely to break down faster than unfinished wooden toys. It’s recommended that both types of toys be purchased with enough time set aside for the child to enjoy their toys before they become too old to play with them anymore.

The charm of these toys is something that metal, plastic, and other cheaper materials can’t replicate no matter how much you want them to do so. They are loved by both adults and children because they represent childhood memories – it takes us back to when we were kids and the simple toys that we played with. Some of my favorite memories from when I was a child include building things with wooden blocks, playing tea parties with dolls, creating cities out of LEGOs, and having a tea party in a dollhouse with my brother and sister. There’s something about the clean lines and smooth finish of wood that brings about feelings of security and comfort. Wooden toys in Singapore create the same feelings in me as well as memories that no amount of money can buy.


Our wooden toys are better for your child because they come with no dangerous chemicals or toxins. They also have a natural, safe scent that stimulates the senses and children’s brain development. If you’re not sure what type of toy is best for your child, our customer service team can help guide you through the process to find out which one will work best. We carry unfinished wood products as well as finished ones so that each family has their own unique experience in creating something special together.

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