The Importance of Educational Toys in Early Childhood

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It’s no secret that children are expensive. They need clothes, shoes, food, and all the other necessities that come with being a human being. And then there are school supplies which can really add up if you have multiple children in different grades. But one thing you don’t have to worry about is buying them educational toys in Singapore because they’re not nearly as costly as many think! In fact, they cost only a fraction of what most parents spend on their kids for school supplies each year – so why not pick up some while you’re at it? Here are 5 reasons why these little wonders will help your child succeed: 1) Creativity 2) Imagination 3) Problem Solving 4) Hand-Eye Coordination 5) Cognitive Development.

1. Creativity

Educational toys promote creativity in children. Most examples of this are seen when they play with their dolls, race tracks for toy cars, houses where the child pretends the couch is a bed, and other similar examples. The educational toy gives the child the opportunity to play what they want, how they want, and when they want. This creativity helps them develop their own way of thinking which is an important part in developing their critical thinking skills later on in life.

2. Imagination

One great aspect about children is that they are imaginative creatures learning new things every day. To help them develop this, educational toys in Singapore are great. Whether it be playing with dolls or making up stories to act out with action figures, the world of imagination is wide open for their use. The best part about it is that not all children will imagine the same things so educational toys encourage multiple possibilities which helps them learn how to think in different ways.

3. Problem Solving

Children will be faced with problems throughout their lives, whether it is trying to get out of doing something or figuring out how to do a new task at school. Educational toys will help them face these problems in a hands-on way which helps them develop the skill needed to figure things out rather than expecting someone else to do it for them or giving up on it completely.

4. Hand-Eye Coordination

The importance of this is obvious, but many parents and guardians don’t realize how important developing hand-eye coordination actually is. Many adults who struggle with this later on in life will say that they wish they had developed the skill when they were younger because it would have helped them with so many things. It doesn’t matter if the educational toy is a game, building blocks or even something as simple as drawing because children will be practicing their fine muscle coordination which will pay off later in life.

5. Cognitive Development

Just like adult cognitive development helps adults learn new things and develop skills, the same goes for children. Educational toys in Singapore will help them practice what they are learning in school or even something that is completely different from their normal subject to give them a broader knowledge base. This is crucial when it comes to problem-solving because thinking outside of the box can lead to many creative possibilities which can turn into a career for the child later in life.

Tips on how to engage children with educational toys and games

Tip #1: Work on their skills. Help them develop “academic” skills by showing them how to read the numbers, the alphabet shapes, colors, and more.

Tip #2: Engage them in problem-solving games by getting creative with household items. For example, you can set out a line of pots or containers filled with sand or wet sand, and have the child guess which container holds peas. If they guess correctly, cover up all of the containers except for the peas so they can see what’s in there on their own. Then ask them to try to find peas on their own.

Tip#3: Encourage free-range play by setting out materials on your kitchen table or your dining room table so they can play to their heart’s content.

It’s never too soon to enter your child into the world of education. While they may not be able to read or write as they would in school, there are many ways that you can help them develop their skills and prepare them for a future of learning. The best way is through educational toys, which offer entertainment and valuable knowledge at the same time.


We know that you want to provide your children with the best possible environment for their development. Early childhood is a crucial time when kids are developing skills in creativity, imagination, problem-solving and cognitive development. Educational toys in Singapore like puzzles, games, blocks, or even arts and crafts can help foster these abilities.

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