How to Choose Toys for Toddlers That Will Entertain Them for Hours

When your toddler is tired of one toy, they will simply move on to the next. It’s important for them to have a large variety of toys so they can play and learn in different ways. This article will share some great ideas with you about how to choose toys for toddlers that will entertain them for hours.

1. Variety is the spice of life

If your toddler has a bunch of toys they can play with, you may find that it’s hard to keep them occupied for longer than ten minutes at a time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because toddlers need downtime as well as playtime, but if you have been experiencing this issue it may be a good idea to set out a variety of toys for them.

2. Toys that have more than one function

Toddlers don’t just want toys, they want toys that can do many different things. This includes musical instruments, plush puppies with squeakers inside, shape sorters, and much more. They love toys that are colorful, fun to look at, and make sounds.

3. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as they can pick it up

Toddlers love toys that do not have any small pieces or sharp edges. Kids will go nuts for new things, especially if they can put them in their mouths! They will play with anything, so choose toys they can hold in their hands.

4. Things that fit into other things

Toddlers will play with things for hours if you let them! Give them lots of different containers to put things in and take things out of. They will enjoy opening up new boxes or bags just as much as they do playing with the contents in them.

5. Toys that are in bright colors

Toddlers love balls, blocks, musical instruments, and dolls because they are bright in color! Toddlers may not be able to distinguish between all the different colors yet, but these types of toys for toddlers are appealing to them right off the bat.

6. Toys that have multiple textures

The texture is very important to toddlers. They want toys that feel different and allow them to explore different things like rough, smooth, bumpy, furry, or sparkly surfaces.

7. Toys with interesting shapes

Make sure your toddler has opportunities to play with toys that are round, square, triangular, and many other types of shapes. They will love learning how to fit all the shapes together and take them apart.

8. Toys that can be put into a container

Toddlers love putting things away. If you give them containers where they can store their toys, they will feel very accomplished. You may find this with small boxes such as shoe boxes, but also plastic containers of various sizes.

9. Toys that make noise

Toddlers enjoy toys with sounds. They will make a game out of anything if it makes a noise, so be sure to choose things that they can bang together or shake to make noises. You can also give them musical instruments and books for this reason as well.

10. Anything that you let them pick up

Toddlers will play with anything they can pick up. If you give them toys that are easy for them to hold, they will enjoy playing with them.

11. Toys that grow with your child

The best way to entertain a toddler is to choose toys that they can use as they grow older. This includes dolls, blocks, board books, and more. As they get older, you can give them different types of blocks or dolls that will entertain them for longer periods of time.

12. Toys that have a story

Toddlers love to play with toys that have a back story. Choose dolls, stuffed animals, or other things that come with a tale so your child can imagine being a part of it.

13. Toys that have a lot of parts

A toddler will be entertained by a toy with many different parts to explore. When they get older, their imagination will really take off and you can give those toys small pieces for this reason. With infants, however, you should choose toys with big pieces so they do not pick up the pieces and try to eat them.

14. Toys that can be stacked

Toddlers love stacking things, so choose toys they can stack one on top of the other. This includes blocks, cups, books, and dolls. They will play with this for hours.


Choosing toys for toddlers can be difficult. There are so many choices and the fact that they grow out of them quickly makes it all the more difficult to find one toy your toddler will love. The good news is there are some basic principles you can apply when choosing a toy, no matter what type or price point, that can increase their chances of playing with it for hours on end.

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