Guiding Your Little One’s First Steps 

Prior to learning how to walk, infants will experience different stages such as rolling over, crawling, and standing upright. 

Babies tend to take their first steps at approximately 12 months old after being able to crouch, bounce, stand and pull themselves up from a sitting position without one’s support. This is where your guidance comes in — by taking the time to encourage your child to start walking, you are also fostering your relationship through bonding and creating memories. 


Encouraging Your Child to Walk 


Do not underestimate your child’s walking journey! When learning to walk, your baby is not only building his or her tiny muscles, but this experience also helps to develop independence and build strength in other body parts such as the fingers and hands. 

If you are or will soon be embarking on this journey with your little one, this article will introduce various play activities that will definitely encourage young children to take their first steps with loads of fun! 


Building Balance and Muscle Development 


Balancing is an important skill that should be established at a young age. Balance is the ability to maintain control of a particular body position whilst performing a task, and is proved useful in actions such as hopping, riding a bike, or sports that involve balancing like snowboarding. 

Having good balance allows children to possess better control over their body, as well as develop concentration and critical thinking skills — from understanding how their body works, how it moves and reacts, to how they can control or overcome an obstacle. 

Today, there are various activities for your child that incorporate the concept of balance in a fun and interactive way. Here at Trio Kids Singapore, we have an extensive range of child-safe products for your little one’s development! 

If your little one is learning to balance, stand or walk, our play cubes and Rotating Activity Tree are the perfect go-to activity! These vibrant-coloured wooden toys are designed with five different activities that will definitely interest your child. While playing with the mazes at the top of this sturdy toy, children will be encouraged to maintain their posture and balance for a longer period of time, building the muscles in their legs. Moreover, these fun-filled activities will also help to build fine motor skills and problem-solving skills in your young one.  

As much as learning to balance is essential for every child, fine motor skills and coordination skills are equally as important for children between the ages of 18 months to 2 years, as these abilities are associated with everyday tasks such as picking up a book and feeding themselves.

By working with the activities included, children will also be able to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Through moving the colourful wooden beads up and down the maze, fitting different-shaped blocks into the designated gaps, and twisting the gears, children will be fascinated by what they can achieve! This also allows them to understand how their different body parts work, and further build on their muscles when they use their tiny fingers to solve the toy’s various activities. 

These wooden toy activities not only help to develop children’s motor skills, but are also great tools to introduce the world of colours, animals, shapes, expanding their vocabulary through play. 

Our toys by Tooky Toy are made from all-natural and safe materials, and coated in non-toxic vibrant paint for your child’s safe use. Not to worry — they are also extremely easy to pack and stow away when not in use. 

Play Cube Centre – Farm, $198

Play Cube Centre – Forest, $198

Rotating Activity Tree, $129


 Walking with Confidence 


When your child starts to toddle, baby walkers and push and pull along toys are the best tools to build his or her confidence while learning to walk. These classic toys may seem old-fashioned to some, but they hold various developmental benefits such as fine motor skills, problem-solving and overall body coordination. 

Baby walkers are not only great for young ones who have just started out in learning how to walk, but also help to further build one’s fine motor skills, as well as strength and balance. Push walkers provide a more fun-filled experience for young children through its unique and colourful built-in features, which never fails to captivate their attention.  

With our Tooky Toy baby walkers, your young one will definitely start walking in no time! These are not just plain wooden push walkers — they come with a range of fun built-in activities such as colourful blocks and interesting elements that every child will love. In addition to stimulating your child’s development, these all-in-one walkers also encourage imagination, creativity and social skills. 

Pull along toys are extremely versatile as they can be used during one’s crawling stages. When your child begins to walk, he or she will also begin to learn the concept of pushing and pulling, which encourages them to have fun with these toys more easily. By leading a toy around, this action will boost children’s confidence as they will start to realise that they themselves are the ones deciding where this toy is going. Thus, this activity additionally helps to build one’s decision making skills and self-esteem. 

Our animal-themed push along and pull along toys are perfect for your toddling little one! Designed to function like a walking tiger or waddling duck, these colourful animal toys are one that will support your child’s first steps and grow together with. 

Baby Walker, $89.90

Baby Walker Multi-Function, $109

Beads Pull Along – Tiger, $44.90

Push Along – Duck, $24.90


Ready for your child’s first steps? Head to Trio Kids Singapore and explore our range of products for your little one today! 

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