Gift Ideas for Young Animal Lovers

When you enter a toy store, may it be a figurine, stuffed toy or a DIY craft kit, you are bound to notice animal-themed toys and activities at every corner. 

Ever wondered why children are always so fascinated by animals? 

This is because children have a natural urge to discover and understand the world around them. Furthermore, the animal world is all around us ー from chirping birds to fluttering butterflies, which in turn encourages plenty of learning opportunities. 

Learning about animals is beneficial for children in understanding the diverse world they live in, as well as the various species that live in their different habitats.  

Although a zoo experience will provide children with a first-hand experience, it might be challenging for some to plan a trip. Do not worry ー Trio Kids Singapore has a range of animal themed products for you and your child. Get ready to be transported to a magical animal kingdom today! 

Animal themed toys are great tools for sparking a child’s curiosity and imagination, and at the same time helps to build on one’s emotional and communication skills. Additionally, these themed toys offer children various development benefits such as motor, sensory and language skills. 

Here at Trio Kids, we present our animal themed toys and activities that every child will love, and also have a fun learning adventure with! 


Motor Skill Development


Developing both fine and gross motor skills is essential for young children, especially when learning to walk and having good hand grasp. 

Do not underestimate our classic pull toys! Pull toys may come off as a little old-fashioned, but these toys are great tools to stimulate problem-solving, body coordination, while strengthening a child’s motor skills as well. 

Once a child starts to walk and is steady on their feet, playing with an object like a pull toy will help to challenge their body coordination skills. Through this pulling action, various muscle parts such as their hand, arm, leg and torso muscles will be involved, and this will in turn encourage hand-eye coordination, to the combination of fine and gross motor skills. 

Look no further ー your young animal lovers will find themselves having fun pulling their very own little puppy or elephant around the house everywhere they go! Our wooden pull along animal toys are not only made out of vibrantly coloured materials that are safe for your child, but also include elements which help to stimulate your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well. 

Pull Along – Dog, $44.90

Pull Along – Elephant, $23.90

Imaginative Play Encouraging Verbalisation and Improving Language Skills 


Animal themed toys are incredibly beneficial in building your child’s vocabulary and language skills as they stimulate imaginative minds during pretend play. Moreover, playing with these toys will provide children with opportunities to actively engage in speech and use their skills in pretend play. Additionally, animal themed toys can also serve as a great storytelling tool. 

If your kid loves fiddling around with little figurines, our Safari Jeep set is definitely one to love! This playset brings an animal safari to life in the form of brightly painted wooden animal figures. 

Safari Jeep, $55.90

Have a young one who loves puzzles and using their little brains? 

Our 6 in 1 Mini Puzzle brings your child a time of fun with colourfully painted wooden blocks. Treat your child to a little adventure with this captivating activity today! 

For those who prefer more cognitive activities, our Magnetic Puzzle not only allows your kid to explore different shapes and colours, but also gives your kid the freedom to create anything and everything they wish. With this puzzle activity, your child will be captivated by the endless possibilities of what they can create. 

6 in 1 Mini Puzzle, $37.90

Magnetic Puzzle, $29.90


Learning About the World 


Apart from building skills that are essential for your child’s development, introducing the world (and animals) to them is extremely important. By learning about the different animals around them, children will be able to have a better understanding of the world they live in. 

In our current modern world, helping children to learn social and emotional skills might be a challenge. However, through learning about animals in various activities such as pretend play, children will begin to understand emotions, develop empathy and learn how to care for others. 

If you know a young animal lover or are looking to introduce the fascinating world of animals to your little one, be sure to explore our range of animal themed toys and activities at Trio Kids Singapore today! 

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