8 Exciting New Toys for Toddlers

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Toddlers are the ultimate kids. They’re just at that point where they’re learning about their bodies, and discovering how to use them to explore their environment. It’s a very special time in a child’s life – one where you have to take care of your toddler every day, give them the attention they need, and keep them safe as well as entertained. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for fun! In fact, if you know what toys for toddlers are best under the age of 2 years (or those who might be 18 months or younger), you’ll find plenty of great ideas below! 

1) Spider Web Jumper:

This is a toy that has been around forever – but with good reason. Toddlers love jumping on the trampoline and climbing up the ladder to get on top of the spider web. It’s great exercise, as well as strengthening their muscles. Plus, you can help them as they play, as it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your child when he or she is playing with a new toy for the first time. I would recommend these toys for toddlers who are 18 months or younger – if they’re not coordinated enough to climb up by themselves, it could be a disaster! 

2) Children’s Deluxe My First Computer:

This one is great because of all the different things you can do with it – there are more than 100 activities available including memory games, shape matching, color games, and more. In addition to helping your toddler learn, it’s also fun for them to play. It’s best for kids who are 2 years or younger – but you know your child better than anyone else! 

3) Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane:

This is one of those “classic toys” that has been around forever (and will be around forever), and you probably had one as a child too. But it doesn’t mean they don’t bring joy to children every day. And toddlers adore them because they can push them along the floor, build with them, stack them up and so much more. If your child is 18 months or younger, this is a great toy for them to enjoy! 

4) VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker:

This one is great because it develops your child’s motor skills and lets them stand up while playing. It also includes five piano keys that make music and animal sound when they’re pressed, in addition to a telephone handset and plenty of activities (including an off switch if the music gets too much). All of this helps strengthen your toddler’s leg muscles, and it can be used by kids who are no older than 18 months. 

5) Pull Along Toys for toddlers – Vehicles Set:

If you have more than one toddler under 2 years old, get this toy for all of them! Because there are vehicles included with this set, everyone will enjoy playing with their own car or truck on top of being able to pull along another kid’s car or truck. It’s also great for strengthening their muscles, as it will take some effort on their part to move the cars around. This is best for kids who are 18 months or younger – you don’t want them getting discouraged! 

6) VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight:

You probably had one of these growing up, only yours didn’t flash different colors as this one does! Your little toddler can learn about colors with this fun toy that attaches to his crib (it requires 3 AA batteries, which are included). The flashlight is easy for him to hold in his hand, and he’ll enjoy playing with it whether he’s laying down or sitting up. 

7) Fisher-Price Bubble Mower:

If you’re looking for a toy that gets your toddler active, this is it! It’s sturdy enough to survive being used by kids who are 2 years or younger – plus, the handle is easy for them to grip so they can play with it on their own. Besides getting exercise, this toy helps teach colors and numbers as well. It doesn’t require any assembly either, so you’ll be able to use it right out of the box. 

8) Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline:

Like the spider web jumper mentioned earlier, this toy has been around for years because toddlers love jumping on it! And I would recommend it for kids who are 18 months or younger since they may not have developed enough coordination yet to jump safely without help from an adult. If they’re already a pro at jumping though, this little trampoline is a great way to get them active and have fun!


There are so many exciting toys for toddlers available today – I hope you enjoyed reading about these ones in particular! From musical activities to outdoor play, even if your toddler isn’t ready for a bike yet there’s plenty of stuff out there to keep them entertained. Keep all of this knowledge in mind as you choose appropriate gifts for your child, and he or she will have a blast playing with it!

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