6 Benefits of Puzzle Play

Puzzles are known as a classic go-to activity for everyone, available in a wide variety of materials, shapes, colours and difficulty levels. In our everyday life, we are bound to face certain tasks that are similar to solving puzzles, such as fitting objects into a box. 

Introducing puzzle play to children is a great opportunity to not only build spatial awareness, but this activity also helps to stimulate one’s growing development. Do not underestimate puzzle activities — they hold benefits for your little one more than you can ever imagine! 


Motor and Hand-Eye Coordination

4 in 1 Dinosaurs Puzzle and Luminous JarMelo 1598156361 | Trio Kids | June, 2024


Puzzle play activities provide children with opportunities to build on their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. By grasping and putting puzzle pieces together, children will be able to develop fine motor skills, which are responsible for carrying out daily tasks such as tying shoelaces. Puzzle activities also help children to focus on hand-eye coordination by matching each piece according to their different colours, shape and patterns.

4 in 1 Dinosaurs Puzzle and Luminous, $29.90


Problem-Solving Skills


Getting your child involved in puzzle activities stimulates critical thinking, memory and focus development. By searching for the correct puzzle piece, children will learn strategies from identifying different-edged pieces, to sorting pieces according to their colour or object. For example, if there is a purple car in the puzzle, gathering purple puzzle pieces together in a pile is one of the strategies introduced in puzzle activities. 

Language Development 


Wooden Puzzle Tooky Toy 1598156854 | Trio Kids | June, 2024

Playing with puzzles serves as an all-in-one opportunity to expand your child’s vocabulary. A jigsaw puzzle is made out of an assembled image — after solving a puzzle, children can be introduced to the different elements, from colours to objects. Through this activity, children will be able to learn new terms, as well as develop their speech along the way. 

Introduce your kid to the world of alphabets and numbers with our Wooden Puzzle set today! This puzzle activity consists of bright-coloured wooden pieces made of safe materials, so you don’t have to worry if you have a teething little one at home too. 

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Concentration and Memory Skills


It is common for children to have shorter attention spans. According to experts, your child is able to concentrate for 2-5 minutes times their age. 

To build concentration muscles, puzzle activities are known as the best tools which benefit most young children. Focusing on a puzzle activity helps to build the ability to work on a task for a longer period of time. 

High Quality Wooden Puzzle Tooky Toy 1598155545 300x300 1 | Trio Kids | June, 2024

Puzzles also help to enhance a child’s memory. When working on a puzzle, a child will need to recall the colour, size, and shape of the different jigsaw pieces. By setting an unknown piece aside and remembering it when needed, your child’s memory skills will be improved. Being able to recall the puzzle illustration also benefits your child’s memory. 

Our High-Quality Wooden Puzzle is perfect for those who are puzzle enthusiasts! With four different themes, your child will be fascinated to piece together various vibrant-coloured animals, dinosaurs and marine creatures! Upon completing the puzzle, your child will be able to frame it up and have their very own piece of room decor to spice up their bedroom with. 

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Patience and Persistence


Working on a puzzle activity helps to improve one’s patience and persistence. The process of piecing a puzzle together can be challenging and more time consuming for younger children, which can cause frustration. However upon the completion of the puzzle activity, your little one would have overcome the difficulty, and have higher persistence and patience levels when they are challenged with other tasks. Through this, your child will also be able to build on his or her self-esteem — when a task is successfully completed, there is always a sense of satisfaction which helps to build his or her confidence in a healthy manner. 

Enjoyable Learning Experience 


Incorporating puzzle activities into a child’s playtime not only provides them with developmental benefits, but it is important that they have an enjoyable time. Assembling puzzles is definitely satisfying and brings happiness to everyone, especially children.

If you are looking for a perfect puzzle activity for your little one, not to worry — our puzzles at Trio Kids Singapore come in a full range of colours and fun-themed concepts! Check out our galore of puzzle activities for you and your little one today!

Tips on Choosing a Puzzle Activity 

Before investing in a puzzle activity for your little one, be sure to keep a lookout for these important tips! 

  • Safety

It is important to pick a puzzle toy that is made out of child-safe, non-toxic or flammable materials for your child to have a safe and fun play time with. If this is overlooked, this will definitely be a potential safety hazard. 

For younger ones, do ensure that the activity matches their developmental level and age, such as in the case of smaller puzzle pieces, which are unsafe for younger children. 

  • Easy Play 

Matching toys and activities with your child’s developmental level and age is equally vital in having a safe AND easy playtime. If an activity is catered for children at a higher developmental stage or age, your child might not be able to figure the toy out, which will lead to disinterest. Thus, it is important to choose a puzzle activity that is suitable for your child’s age and current developmental level for an easy and enjoyable playtime. 

Sound Puzzle Animals Tooky Toy 1598155696 300x300 1 | Trio Kids | June, 2024

If you have a younger one at home, our Sound Puzzle is the perfect playtime activity! Choose from three different themes and treat your little one to the fascinating world of sounds and colours. These puzzle sets are made from high-quality wood and is easy for younger children to play with! 

Sound Puzzle, $33.90

  • A Fun Learning Experience (Anywhere & Anytime)

A child should not only be having fun with his or her toy, but can also be encouraged to learn, think and imagine! It is vital that a toy or activity is able to provide a learning and creative experience for your little one during playtime. In this case, puzzle activities serve as a great learning opportunity as your child will be able to build on their fine motor and cognitive skills, as well as have a better understanding of spatial awareness which will be helpful in carrying out tasks such as fitting objects into a box. 

Having a versatile and portable puzzle activity brings you on a whole new level of convenience. May it be the grocery store or a long road trip, rest assured that your child will be kept entertained with an amazing puzzle activity! 

Interested in getting your little one a fun and educational puzzle activity? 

Here at Trio Kids Singapore, we have an extensive range of puzzle activities — from magnetic puzzles to animal-themed ones, there are plenty for you and your child to choose from. Explore our galore of puzzle activities at Trio Kids today! 


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