12 Educational Toys in Singapore for School-Aged Kids

Educational toys are a great way to help your young child learn important skills in the classroom and at home, like shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and more.

These toys can also encourage creativity in children by allowing them to explore new ways of thinking through problem-solving. With educational toys in Singapore, they not only get to have fun but they also get smarter! So if you’re looking for some new ideas on what toy is right for your child this holiday season check out the list below. It has 12 different types of educational toys that will suit any family’s needs whether it be an infant or teenager.

There are many educational toys in Singapore. They help children with school and life skills. Some of the most popular are blocks, puzzles, books, dress-up clothes, dolls. Children have fun playing with these toys, but they are also learning. Playing is a lot more fun than sitting in a classroom with a teacher lecturing at them all day long.

Here are some of the most popular educational toys for children to practice literacy skills, mathematics, and other practical life lessons:

1) Kinderblocks

Blocks are a classic educational toy that never goes out of style. Blocks come in different shapes and sizes, but Kinderblocks are unique because they have letters and numbers on each block so kids can identify which block is which by the letter or number on it. They learn early math skills such as matching and sorting. Many sets allow them to build forts for hours of imaginative play.


LEGOs are popular not only because they come in many forms but also because they foster creativity. With LEGO, kids can build whatever their mind imagines. LEGO comes with instructions to demonstrate how the set should be built but children don’t have to follow these instructions exactly. They can branch out and make their own creations. LEGO also comes in the form of LEGO Duplo, which is larger and easier for beginner builders.

3) Playmobil

Playmobil sets help children learn about various jobs. They can be a firefighter one day and a doctor the next, all thanks to Playmobil which has many themed sets that teach children about different occupations. Playmobil is also good for travel-related play, like campsites and hospitals.

4) Leapfrog Products

Leapfrog products are based on learning in an interactive way that’s fun for kids. The various educational toys in Singapore help children with reading skills, science concepts, and much more. One of their most popular products is the Leapster, which is an educational handheld game system.

5) Puzzlets

Puzzlets are like small iPads for your fingers. They come with various activities that can be done on them (similar to apps). Not only will they help kids learn new skills like math and spelling, but they’ll also improve their dexterity through play.

6) Playfoam

Playfoam is as fun as playdough, but it’s mess-free! Many sets come with different tools for molding and creating. They also have sets that can be used to practice other skills such as math facts. The best part about this toy is that once your child is done playing, it’s as easy as picking up a trash can and throwing the playfoam away.

7) Kids Digital Camera

Kids love taking pictures, but giving them a real camera is almost always a bad idea. If they break it, your wallet will also feel the pain. A kids’ digital camera lets them take photos without risking any damage. Plus, many of these cameras come with software that turns your kid’s photos into works of art.

8) Baby Dolls

Dolls are versatile educational toys that can teach children a lot of lessons. They’re perfect for role-playing and encouraging kids to practice daily routines such as getting dressed and feeding dolls. Many also come with accessories like strollers and playhouses for even more role-playing.

9) Cash Register

As kids get older, they start practicing skills that will be useful in the future. This includes learning how to manage money. A cash register is a great way to let them practice this skill because it comes with play money that can also be used as real money.

10) Jump Rope

Jump roping helps children practice coordination and rhythm. Younger children can learn basic jumping skills while older kids can move on to advanced jump rope techniques like double dutch or triple dutch (with multiple ropes). It’s also good for building endurance with kids since it requires a lot of stamina.

11) Magnatiles

Magnatiles are great for learning shapes and geometry. Kids can build many different things with them, from cars to castles. They learn spatial awareness while also improving their problem-solving skills. Best of all, they’re magnetic so kids can stick them on the refrigerator when they’re done playing.

12) Play Kitchen

Kitchens promote healthy eating and the importance of buying groceries. They also encourage kids to practice cooking skills and cooking safety. These are important skills to have in the kitchen, especially since many kids will someday grow up into adults who cook for themselves.


Whether you’re looking for a toy to help your child with their math skills or teach them the fundamentals of coding, we’ve got some great ideas. Our top 12 educational toys in Singapore will help set your little one on the path towards success and give them an advantage in school today that they’ll carry into adulthood tomorrow. Remember–the best way to get started is by shopping online at our store!

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