10 Most Popular Wooden Toys in Singapore

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Wooden toys are an iconic symbol of childhood.  They’re classic, durable, and they last for years. Newer plastic toys might be more fun to play with at first, but once you see the beauty in these wooden toys in Singapore- not to mention the lessons about nature and sustainability that they teach kids- you’ll never want your child to touch anything else. And did we mention that because these types of toys are made of sustainable materials, they’re good for the environment too? Whether it’s a dollhouse or a toy train set or some other type of toy entirely…wooden is where it’s at! All this talk about what makes them so great has us feeling nostalgic for our own days playing with wood blocks and trains on Christmas morning. Today, we’re compiling a list of the 10 most popular wooden toys so you can see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

1. Pound & Tap Bench

Ages 1-5

This bench grows with your child, which is perfect if you’re looking to save money. Pound on the drum or tap on the xylophone while you work on colors, numbers, letters, and more with the accompanying cards. You can also get creative by drawing your own pictures to put underneath the clear panels so your kids can learn about cause-and-effect relationships while they have fun at the same time!

These wooden toys in Singapore are made of sustainably harvested birch. Plus, it doesn’t have any lead, latex, formaldehyde, or phthalates.

2. My Clock Face

Ages 1-7

This clock face will help your child practice telling time the fun way while learning about colors and numbers. This product is made of sustainable birch wood, which means it’s good for the environment! The non-toxic finish lets children use markers on their toys without worry.

3. Musical instrument set

Ages 3-12

This colorful nine-piece set comes with two drums, three cymbals, a tambourine, a maraca, and a rattle. By getting your kids to play these instruments while they sing along to familiar songs, you’re encouraging them to explore music in a way that’s easy to understand. Plus, the unique shape of the drums will help your child develop a strong grip for holding writing utensils later on. This toy is made from sustainable birch wood.

4. Doll House

Ages 3-10

This doll house is available in pink and yellow, and it’s perfect for little girls who love playing house with their friends. You can help your child improve her fine motor skills while she sets up her dolls in one of the three different rooms, or you can get creative with all of your craft supplies and turn it into a family room for toy animals!

This toy is made from sustainable beech wood.

5. Mini beads coaster

Ages 3-8

Your kids can use these beads to make shapes, letters, numbers, and more. Plus, they’ll have fun sticking them on the coaster over and over again. This product is made from sustainable birch wood.

6. Wooden puzzle

Ages 4-12

These wooden toys in Singapore like puzzles will teach your child about colors, numbers, and shapes while he has fun putting them together. You can get creative by turning it into a game where one person reads the name of the item pictured on each piece while everyone else tries to put their pieces in the right spots! This product is made from sustainable birch wood.

7. Wooden play cutting

Ages 3-12

This wooden play food is a great way to teach your child about healthy eating habits. They can help you cook in the kitchen, pretend to run their own restaurants, or even begin to plan their own meals! It’s fun for all ages. This product is made from sustainable birch wood.

8. Wooden maze owl

Ages 3+

This wooden maze will help your child develop problem-solving skills. Practice counting, sorting, and more while you get creative with the different puzzles that come along with it! This toy is made from sustainably harvested birch wood.

9. Stacking train

Ages 3+

Stack the wooden pieces on top of each other to create a train, airplane, boat, or any design you can come up with! Kids will love playing with this toy and making it their own. This product is made from sustainable birch wood.

10. Shape sorter

Ages 2+

This fun shape sorter will challenge your child to fit the right shapes into the corresponding openings. It’s perfect if you want to get your kids thinking about matching and sorting while they have fun! This toy is made from sustainable birch wood.

Bottom line

These are the 10 most popular wooden toys in Singapore. Some of these like the Musical instrument set or Stacking train make for great educational tools to help your child learn more about music and shapes, while others like Doll House provide hours of pretend playtime for kids. What do you think? Which one would be on your wish list? We hope that our top ten list will give you some ideas as to what might be a good present for someone who has everything else. For those looking to buy something unique but practical, we recommend checking out our wide range of products at https://triokids.com.sg/product-category/wooden-toy/ today!

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