10 Types of Drawing Books That Will Make Your Kids Love Art

Drawing is a beautiful way for children to express their creativity and explore their imagination. It helps them develop fine motor skills and cognitive abilities and boosts their confidence. However, not all drawing books are created equal. To truly ignite your child’s passion for art, you need the right kind of books that are engaging, inspiring, and enjoyable. This blog will explore ten types of books that will make your kids fall in love with art.

Interactive Books for Drawing:

Interactive books are a fantastic way to captivate your child’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the artistic process. These books often come with pop-ups, flaps, and interactive elements that make drawing a fun and interactive experience. They encourage children to explore different techniques and experiment with their artwork, making it an enjoyable journey of discovery.

Step-by-Step Books for Drawing:

Step-by-step books are perfect for beginners as they provide clear instructions on how to draw various objects, animals, and characters. These books break down complex drawings into simple, easy-to-follow steps, allowing children to build their drawing skills gradually. With each successful step completed, your child’s confidence will soar, motivating them to continue their artistic journey.

Story-Based Books for Drawing:

Story-based books combine the joy of storytelling with the excitement of drawing. These books often have a narrative or a series of prompts that guide children to draw scenes, characters, or illustrations inspired by the story. By connecting drawing with storytelling, these books ignite your child’s imagination, making them feel like the heroes of their own artistic adventure.

Books with Templates for Drawing:

Books that provide templates offer a great starting point for young artists. These books feature pre-drawn outlines or templates that children can trace or use as a reference to create their artwork. This helps them gain confidence in their drawing abilities and encourages them to explore their own unique artistic style. They can gradually transition to drawing without the templates as they progress, fostering their independence and creativity.

Themed Books for Drawing:

Themed books focus on specific subjects or topics, such as nature, animals, fantasy, or even favorite characters from movies or cartoons. These books tap into your child’s interests and passions, making the drawing experience more relatable and exciting. Themed drawing books encourage and aid in your child’s development of a stronger connection to art, regardless of whether they are fascinated by dinosaurs or enchanted by princesses.

Sketchbooks for Drawing:

Sketchbooks are blank canvases that encourage children to let their imaginations run wild. These books provide ample space for free-form drawing, doodling, and sketching. Sketchbooks empower children to express their creativity without any constraints, allowing them to explore different styles and experiment with various drawing techniques. They become a personal art journal where your child can document their artistic journey and showcase their progress.

Books with Coloring Pages:

Combining drawing and coloring, these books offer a perfect blend of creativity and relaxation. They often feature intricate line drawings or mandalas that children can color and embellish with their own unique artistic touch. Books with coloring pages help improve hand-eye coordination and enhance concentration and attention to detail. They provide a soothing and calming activity for your child for hours.

Art History Books for Drawing:

Introducing your child to the world of art history can be both educational and inspiring. Art history books showcase famous artworks from different periods and artists, providing a window into the rich tapestry of human creativity. These books often include step-by-step instructions on how to recreate these iconic masterpieces, allowing children to learn about art while honing their drawing skills.

3D Books for Drawing:

Take your child’s drawing to the next level with 3D books. These books teach children how to create optical illusions and draw objects that appear three-dimensional on a two-dimensional surface. By mastering the techniques of shading, perspective, and depth perception, your child can bring their drawings to life and create jaw-dropping artworks that seem to leap off the page.

Collaborative Books for Drawing:

Collaborative books provide a unique opportunity for your child to connect with others and unleash their creativity together. These books often feature partially completed drawings; children can add their artistic contributions to complete the picture. Collaborative books encourage teamwork, imagination, and sharing, making them an excellent choice for playdates, classrooms, or family bonding activities.


Choosing the right books for your children can significantly impact their love for art. Whether through interactive elements, step-by-step instructions, themed content, or creative approaches, these ten types of drawing books offer diverse options to engage and inspire young artists. You can nurture their artistic abilities, boost their confidence, and ignite a lifelong passion for art by providing them with the right tools and resources. So, go ahead and explore these books to unlock the artistic potential within your child!

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