Top 10 Educational Wooden Toys in Singapore for Toddlers

Toddlers are learning machines. They start picking up skills and knowledge from the moment they’re born, whether it’s how to smile or find their thumb. Learning is their primary job, so it makes sense that parents want to provide them with the best educational toys available. But which ones make for the best investment? Here are 10 of our favorites in order from least expensive to most expensive:

1) A wooden puzzle

Toddlers love puzzles because they’re a great way for your toddler to learn about shapes and colors as well as problem-solving. Puzzles also help toddlers develop motor skills by manipulating pieces together without making a mess (which is perfect if you have other children). Wooden toys in Singapore like puzzles typically come in colorful boxes, encouraging kids’ imaginations to develop as they discover each piece in the box.

2) A magnetic wooden toy with raised letters

While younger toddlers learn by playing with toys, older preschoolers use their imagination to play pretend. A magnetic wooden toy with raised letters is a great way for children just beginning to read to practice sounding out words while building fine motor skills at the same time.

3) An alphabet puzzle

Alphabet puzzles are usually wooden and have a square hole in the middle of each piece that allows kids to easily fit the letters together, which is why these toys make for great educational toys for toddlers. Children can learn to spell their names as well as other words while practicing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Alphabet puzzles also help expand children’s imagination because they have to think of new words to spell out with the letters.

4) A baby doll and accessories

Toddlers love taking care of their dolls, so why not make it a learning experience? For example, teach your toddler how to feed the baby by giving her a wooden spoon and a wooden bowl. It will not only be something she can do herself but it will also help her develop fine motor skills as well as teach her how to share…and to have empathy for others who are hungry.

5) A magnetic refrigerator toy with letters and pictures

Some Wooden toys in Singapore are for Older toddlers who are starting to expand their imagination, so why not use the refrigerator magnet to help them? Let’s say they want to learn how to spell their dog’s name, for example. This is a great way for your child to learn new words and practice spelling them while developing motor skills by manipulating the magnets with an adult helping her.

6) A magnetic toy that has raised pictures

Older toddlers can spend hours playing with a toy like this. In addition to developing motor skills, it also helps develop imaginations and expand your child’s creativity. There are magnetic toys for every interest imaginable: animals, vehicles, construction equipment, and more!

7) A stuffed animal with a pull-string or voice box

Toddlers love using their imagination by giving life to stuffed animals. Talk to the stuffed animal or make it start talking using a pull string or voice box, which will encourage your child to speak as well as expand her vocabulary.

8) A baby doll bed

Toddlers love getting new toys for their dolls and you can bet they’ll get one if you get them a baby doll bed! This is great for practicing putting the doll to bed, which helps toddlers learn how to follow directions and develop fine motor skills.

9) A push toy

Toddlers love these toys because they get to do all the hard work! These toys are usually wooden and have a handle for pushing them along (much like an adult push broom). Your child will love pushing the toy while scooting it with her own feet.

10) A wooden puzzle board

These make for great educational toys for toddlers because they are an extension of other puzzles, allowing kids to play with more than one puzzle at a time!

Bottom line

The best Wooden toys in Singapore for toddlers will vary depending on the age and interests of your child. However, there are a few general guidelines that you can use to help make sure you’re buying something they’ll enjoy. For younger children (0-6 months), any type of wooden puzzle is an excellent choice because it’s inexpensive but still educational in terms of shapes and colors. As kids get older, magnetic letters or numbers are great because they offer more opportunities for creativity as well as literacy development. You could also consider getting them some sort of toy car or truck so that their imagination has room to run wild! Whatever gift idea you settle on this year, just ensure that it provides enough variety for their learning style while also being safe enough to be played with long-term.

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