Why Are Wooden Toys in Singapore Making a Comeback?

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There has been a resurgence of interest in wooden toys in Singapore, as parents seek to provide their children with quality and sustainable toys. Wooden toys have always been popular among parents because of their durability and educational value. But with the advent of plastic and electronic toys, wooden toys have taken a backseat. Here are some reasons why wooden toys are making a comeback:

It encourages sensory development and hand-eye coordination

They encourage sensory development and hand-eye coordination. Wooden toys can be multi-sensory, as children can use their senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell to learn about the object that they are interacting with. For example, putting together a puzzle helps develop hand-eye coordination. Wooden blocks also help improve motor skills by allowing children to practice stacking objects of varying sizes.

Wooden toys have timeless value  

Wooden toys in Singapore have lasted through generations so parents know that these toys have lasting value – even if it is just as a decoration on the shelf!

They foster higher imagination

These classic wooden toys allow for more creativity in playtime. Children can use their imagination to create a story with the toy pieces or even use the pieces to develop a fantasy world.

Wooden toys provide parents with peace of mind

Parents do not have to worry about dangerous chemicals leaching into their child’s mouth – like lead paint or plasticizers found in toys like Legos. They are safer for children as they are more durable and cannot be easily broken by little toddler hands.

They come in fun shapes and sizes!   

Whether it is putting together a puzzle, stacking blocks, building towers, drawing on an easel marker board – wooden toys in Singapore help children develop hand-eye coordination, concentration skills, and motor skills!

Kids love them

Kids love wooden toys because they are tactile and have a nice weight to them – unlike plastic toys which can feel “cheap” or “plasticky.”

They teach kids about nature  

Wooden toys reflect the natural beauty of trees as they are made from 100% wood materials.

Wooden toys help with learning languages   

Parents can use wooden blocks to help their children learn words in other languages, such as matching two similar objects, one written in English and the other written in Mandarin for example.

They encourage reading development  

The best ones often come with a storybook, so parents can choose which story to read along with! This helps foster their reading development since most kids love books and interacting with their parents.

Wooden toys can be repurposed  

Most of them can easily be recycled into something else, whether it’s a pencil holder for the home office or DIY lampshades! The possibilities are endless when kids start to get creative with their toys.

They are sustainable!  

Compared to other types of toys, wooden toys in Singapore have a low carbon footprint as they can be recycled and repurposed. There is also far less waste since there are no batteries or electrical parts needed to make them work! A win-win for everyone.

They encourage social development   

Since most wooden toys require two or more people playing together, they help promote cooperation and interaction between children, leading to improved social skills in the process. A perfect example would be with a Jenga set where children must work together to carefully stack the pieces of wood before removing one piece at a time without causing the tower to tumble! Not only is it fun but it’s an excellent way for kids to learn social development skills.

The best ones help foster creativity!  

Wooden toys come in a variety of colors and shapes so they give children the chance to be creative as they build their own towers, create their own stories, or paint on an easel marker board! Wooden toys encourage children to use their imagination as there are fewer restrictions on what can happen during playtime.

Wooden toys can be used inside and outside the home   

Once children have finished playing with their wooden toys in Singapore, parents can always repurpose them for another purpose such as a pencil holder or plant saucer – that way you’re not just going to throw it out if your kids decide that they want to stop playing with it!

Final Thoughts: Wooden toys in Singapore are making a comeback for all of the right reasons! Not only do they encourage sensory development and hand-eye coordination, but they also have timeless value, foster higher imagination, provide parents with peace of mind, come in fun shapes and sizes, and Kids just love them. But that’s not all – wooden toys also teach kids about nature, help with learning languages, encourage reading development, can be repurposed into new creations, and are sustainable. What’s not to love? If you want your child to experience the best of what childhood has to offer, consider investing in some beautiful wooden toys.

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