Why are STEM Toys Booming?

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The toy industry is constantly evolving, and one of the latest trends to hit the market is STEM toys. Science, technology, engineering, and maths have been becoming more and more important in our daily lives, so it’s no surprise that these subjects are making their way into the toy world. These toys help kids learn about these topics while providing hours of fun with interactive play!

Nobody is saying that these toys are the only way for kids to learn about science, but they definitely represent an important step in that direction. From introducing basic programming skills to making slime, here’s what you can expect when it comes to some of the top toys on the market today.

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. These are the fields that kids can expect to be most involved within today’s world, so it makes sense that they’re being introduced at a young age through these toys! A toy may feature one of these subjects or it could have them all. The goal is always to give children the chance to have fun while learning about important topics in their world. Kids aren’t required to use special equipment for some of these activities; simply playing with the toy will produce great results!

Coding Skills

Kids who visit the local Workshop store for STEM Toys tend to make their own furry friends nowadays. For many parents, though, this experience is a little too pricey. Luckily, there are toys that teach these same skills without breaking the bank! One of the top toys on the market is GoldieBlox. This toy comes with its own book to read and allows kids to build their very own Rube Goldberg machine. Not only do they design this complicated contraption, but they also make it work by programming it step-by-step!

GoldieBlox encourages girls (and boys!) to explore their interests in engineering and make things around them work for their purpose. They love building cool things like ramps, towers, or even domino tracks. The tests of balance and strength definitely help children become more interested in STEM fields overall.


Science fairs used to be a thing of the past, but they’re making a comeback with the help of slime! These colorful gooey substances are always popular with kids and can teach them about various chemical reactions. Using items like Borax and glue, children make their own slime and learn how these chemicals work together to form a substance that is wholly unique.

While there’s no shortage of options when it comes to slime kits available for purchase today. STEM toys allow kids to create slime using only water in order to make things easier on parents who may not be up for mixing powders themselves! The toy itself features wheels controlled by pushing back and forth on the handles. Kids learn basic programming skills by following the steps displayed on the board to complete programs that make their slime balls rotate and flash different colors.


KIBO was designed as an educational toy specifically for STEM toys learning and features details like magnets which allow children to build things like vehicles or animals easily. Plus, every single part of this kit is held together with magnets. This forces kids to think about where and how each piece should fit into the structure, teaching them valuable skills that they can continue to use as they grow.

The great thing about KIBO is that there’s no wrong way to put it all together! Kids can experiment and test out various designs without ruining the toy itself since everything fits back in easily using magnets. They learn important engineering skills while putting their creativity on display for parents and teachers alike!

Science Kits

There are science kits available for kids of all interests! They can explore jellyfish, rocks & minerals, clouds & weather, magnetism, or even astronomy. Each one has its own unique set of supplies and ideas that teach children valuable lessons about the world around them.

One of the most popular science kits available on the market today is Snap Circuits. This STEM toy allows kids to build working devices that are powered by electricity! They learn about circuitry while building things like radios, alarms, and even night lights for their rooms.

Closure: STEM toys are booming and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Coding skills, slime, KIBO, and science kits will always be in high demand for kids of all ages! We’re excited about the prospect that our children might one day grow up in a world where they don’t need us when it comes time to fix their computer or explain how atoms work. What do you think? Leave your thoughts below so we can get an idea about who is reading this blog post!

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