Weekend Activities for You and Your Kid 

After a week filled with school and work, having a weekend activity planned will definitely be invigorating and refreshing for both you and your child. 

Weekend activities can be both fun and educational. Choose from our galore of toys and activities ー with Trio Kids, treat your child to a memorable weekend of fun! 

Having an Artsy Time 

Doing art holds various benefits for children. Working on an art activity not only helps to encourage fine motor and language skills, but this also develops one’s problem-solving skills. For younger ones, introducing them to art allows them to learn about different colours and terms such as painting, colouring, drawing and many more. 

By creating an artwork, children are given the opportunity to express their emotions and creativity. This provides them with an outlet to relax and release any negative energy after a long week of school. Furthermore, by joining in your kid’s art activity, you are also spending quality time with your little one.  

At Trio Kids, there is plenty for you and your child ー we offer a diverse variety of art supplies and craft kits to choose from. Just grab a canvas or drawing block and you’re good to go! 


Our Doodling Book for Boys and Girls is a great tool for your young one, especially when learning to colour and doodle. With this book, your little artist will be able to let his or her imagination run wild, experimenting with different colours along the way, making it a great tool for your child when learning to have a good finger grasp. Explore this 45-page doodling book with our Washable Markers, Washable Crayons or Monte Marte Colour Pencils ー amazing for a low-mess weekend activity! 

Doodling Book for Boys and Girls, $16.90

Washable Markers, from $19.90

Washable Crayons, from $13.90

Monte Marte Colour Pencils, from $12.90

Jam to the Music 

Introducing your child to music helps to ignite every area of a child’s development, such as motor skills, hand-eye coordination and self-expression. 

Musical Instrument Set Tooky Toy 1598155575 | Trio Kids | April, 2024

Musical activities play an important role in every kid’s overall development. By introducing your child to the world of music, this simple play activity will stimulate his or her fine motor skills, colour and sound recognition while having fun exploring the different musical instruments. Not to worry ー our products from Tooky Toy are made out of all-natural materials and 100% child-safe. Packed with two maracas, a flute, tambourine, and xylophone, this Musical Instrument Set ensures plenty of fun for your little one. 

Musical Instrument Set, $63.90

New Explorations 

Weekends might seem boring for some, but with our Science Kits, there is definitely something for every child. From making your very own crystals to learning cool magic tricks, Trio Kids promises you a fun-filled weekend! 

SR20120 Bubble | Trio Kids | April, 2024

If you have a curious little one at home, our Bubble Making Show DIY Kit is the one for you. Packed with over 9 captivating DIY activities, this educational kit introduces both science and art concepts while having fun creating interesting bubbles of different shapes and sizes. This kit encourages your young one to create, explore and play ー all in one! 

Alternatively, be sure to check out our Science Kits Bundle ー coming in a set of 10 different science kits, you won’t have to worry about how to get through a boring weekend anymore! 

Bubble Making Show DIY Kit, $39.90

Science Kits Bundle, $249.80

The weekend is always the best time to spend quality time with your child and step out of the week’s hustle and bustle. With Trio Kids Singapore, catch a quick getaway with our captivating activities today!

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