Top 10 STEM Toys That Kids Love

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STEM toys are an important part of childhood because they teach valuable skills in science, technology, engineering, and math without kids even realizing it! Find out what types of STEM Toys would be best for your child today by reading our article below.

1. Little Tikes Gas n’ Go, Mower

Ages: 3+  This lawnmower is great for kids who think they are all grown up! Instead of pushing a regular mower, this one uses pedals to make it go and stop. It actually makes a noise like an engine revving and the headlights light up when you squeeze the handlebar. The best part? No gas fumes anywhere. Great way to teach little ones about basic delivery services and environmental responsibility.

2. Porsche 911 Turbo

Ages: 5+  For those children that love sports cars, this is a fun line of Stem toys that lets them pretend they’re behind the wheel! The toy car itself is controlled much like popular real-life sports cars such as the Porsche and drives with a rechargeable battery. The tires even make realistic sounds like they would on a real car. Great for teaching understanding of how various vehicles work and what makes them different from one another.

3. RC Battle Tank

Ages: 10+  For more active kids that love military history and strategy, this is the perfect toy! Just like its name suggests, it’s a remote-controlled battle tank that lets your child play war with their friends or siblings! It shoots softballs so there won’t be any damage to anything but the tank itself when being used in battle. There are adjustable settings for distance, power, and spin which can be adjusted based on who is playing with it at the time.

4. Kinetic SandBox

Ages: 2+  Kids love playgrounds and sandboxes, but this one is great because it combines both concepts! The kinetic sandbox consists of a large plastic tub with an integrated set of tools (small shovel, rake, etc). The best part? No clean-up is necessary! Just like real sandboxes at the parks, simply use the tools to shape the kinetic sand whatever way you desire, and once you’re done just pick up the tools and dump everything back into the container. Great for teaching children about environmental responsibility and simple technology such as rakes and shovels.

5. Shopkins Mall Playset

Ages: 5+  This mall playset comes with three floors of play, each with its own design. The third floor has an elevator (with the ability to move it up and down) and a rotating turnstile to get in or out! There are plenty of little shops for your kids’ Shopkins figures to shop at, including clothing stores that have working cash registers. The best part? It’s pretty big so it makes for great hide-and-go-seek fun too! Great for teaching children about basic shopping establishments and how they work.

6. Spirograph

Ages: 8+  This art toy may look complicated but it’s actually very simple once you get started! It consists of wheels with different sized holes in them which can be used to create all kinds of patterns. The idea is that you use the wheels to create a pattern then place it on top of another set of wheels that have paper attached to them. By moving the second layer, you’re able to see your design take shape! These Stem toys are great for teaching children about shapes and colors while also helping fine-tune their motor skills.

7. Snap Circuits

Ages: 8+  Want to help your kids learn about electricity? With this toy, you can! Simply snap the objects onto the man-made circuit board provided and watch as your child learns how each different object interacts with others in various ways. There are even pre-provided diagrams that will teach even novices basic concepts “Ohm’s Law” and “how to use a breadboard.” Great for teaching children about electricity and how it works.

8. Lazer Maze Logic Game

Ages: 8+  This logic game is great for sharpening your brain! It’s essentially a maze with certain sections that are blocked off, but the object is to get from point A to point B using directional signs on the floor which temporarily block off sections of the maze. The tricky part? Some sections are only accessible in the opposite direction they appear which creates some interesting challenges if you don’t see them coming… Great for encouraging creativity and problem solving skills!

9. Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘N Play House

Ages: 6+ This toy is 30% larger than other sets, making it perfect for smaller children who are still developing fine motor skills. It features five floors and four different rooms, all of which can come apart and easily snap back together again so your child isn’t too far away from their favorite playsets while they’re building this new one. This set is great for encouraging creative thinking in young girls!

10. Big Building Bag 

Ages: 3+  This toy consists of 100 pieces that resemble LEGO-like bricks but with a few key differences to make them more educational than regular LEGOs. For example, each piece has its own individual number printed on it which corresponds to a card online that will teach your kids about the specific shape and even show you how to use it. With over 150 shapes and over 200 cards, your children will never run out of things to build or learn! Great for encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills.

Final thoughts

We hope that by now you’ve found your way to the perfect STEM toys for your little one. If not, don’t worry! We have a wide variety of other toys and games we know will be just as much fun. And if you’re looking for something more specific like STEM gifts or educational toys, our team is here to help find what you need too. You can contact us through and we’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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