Learning Letters and Sounds Through Play

Introducing a child to different letters and sounds is one of the most important things a parent can do for their kid’s learning journey. Research has proved that teaching children the alphabet from a young age improves one’s reading achievement, and being exposed to different sounds gives children the opportunity to learn about the world they’re surrounded by. 

Learning about letters and sounds through just natural experiences and books might not be the most interesting thing for a young child. Therefore, incorporating letters and sounds through play has been the go-to alternative for both schools and parents. 

From the moment children are born, the element of sound immediately becomes an integral part of their childhood development. For example, babies respond to their parents’ voices, and young children will sing along to nursery rhymes or hum along to tunes, which is one of the reasons behind the many baby mobiles and musical toys that we see in stores today.  


Musical Toys 


Music is defined as a vocal or instrumental sound combined to produce form, harmony and expression, and is a universal language known as part of human society and culture. 

Furthermore, music hugely benefits children in their early development stages: 

  • Develops motor skills 

Building motor skills is important for young children in carrying out everyday tasks from lifting an object to learning how to write. By having a variety of musical toys, your kid will have fun with its vibrant colours and sounds, in turn strengthening his or her tiny muscles. 

  • Builds cognitive skills 

Cognitive skills are essential qualities needed in school, at work and in our daily life. Incorporating activities that involve developing cognitive skills provide kids with an opportunity to improve their attention span, memory, as well as processing and reasoning skills. 

Research has shown that exposing children to music at a young age is extremely beneficial as the patterns and rhythms of music allow one’s brain to process and transmit information more efficiently. Additionally, younger children who have been introduced to music tend to develop better in various skills such as language, listening, reading and verbal skills. 

  • Self-expression and creativity 

Additionally, having musical toys for your child provides an outlet for him or her to practice self-expression and creativity, which is beneficial for their childhood development. 

Musical Instrument Set, $63.90

Multifunction Music Center, $59.90


Alphabet Toys and Games 


Apart from musical toys, it is also recommended bringing in toys and activities that introduce alphabets to your child 一 this will give them an early exposure to letters, which in turn helps with letter recognition when they begin to listen, read, write and speak. By being able to recognise and differentiate each alphabet from its sound, your child would then be able to build on their literacy skills. 

Alphabet toys and games are perfect to introduce letters to your child, may it be visually or verbally. Furthermore, these toys will exercise both fine and gross motor skills essential for your child’s development, and are also great opportunities to learn and have fun at the same time. 

At Trio Kids Singapore, we provide a range of vibrant and colourful alphabet learning toys for your kid! With these fun activities, you can incorporate both fun and learning into your child’s play time. 

Animal Block Puzzle, $21.90

Sound Puzzle, $33.90

6 in 1 Mini Puzzle, $37.90

Wooden Puzzle, $31.90

Flashcard learning is widely used to introduce children to new words, concepts or images. Moreover, its emphasis on repetition helps to improve one’s visual memory skills, especially when processing new information. This is highly effective for young children as they are known to have shorter attention spans, and flashcards do the perfect job in introducing new concepts in a memorable and interesting way. 

Our ABC Ring Flash Cards by Jar Melo consist of 26 brightly illustrated double-sided flash cards that are light and portable to bring along on-the-go! Through this flashcard set, your child will not only learn all 26 letters of the alphabet, but also new words too. In addition to its portability, these cards are made out of safe materials, and are highly durable for your kid’s repeated use 一 indulge in the colourful world of alphabets with your child today! 

For a more cognitive activity, our Tangram Play by Tooky Toy is one that your child will be engrossed in. This game set allows children to practice their spatial thinking and problem solving skills by assembling different-shaped wooden blocks to create alphabets, animals, you name it! Furthermore, this activity stimulates creativity and self-expression for your child to create anything they wish to. Also, all of Tooky Toy’s products are environmentally-friendly and safe for young children, so you don’t ever have to worry about your little teething child playing with these blocks.

ABC Ring Flash Cards, $17.90

Tangram Play, $19.90

Looking to introduce letters and sounds to your little one, but not too sure on how to go about it? Head to Trio Kids Singapore and discover our range of educational toys that will bring your child an enjoyable experience of different sounds and music today! 

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