Ergonomic Bags for School Kids: Are They Really Worth It?

Looking for a school backpack for your little one that doesn’t weigh a ton on the shoulders, but still promises a good amount of storage space for textbooks and stationery? Here at Trio Kids Singapore, choose from our extensive range of ergonomic bags for every school kid! With our high-quality backpacks, we not only believe in bringing your child absolute comfort, but also promise style too. 

Today, most school kids are seen carrying heavy backpacks that are visibly packed to the brim, due to books and other essentials required for the school term. Having to bring these school essentials is necessary, but what if someone told you that some weight could be lifted off from your child’s shoulders? 

According to the Health Promotion Board (HPB), children should not be carrying more than 15 percent of their body weight on their shoulders. If a child is carrying an overweight backpack, he or she will begin to develop poor posture or a slouching habit, which eventually leads to neck and back pain issues. This could in turn cause growing deformities that cannot be corrected, and cause fatigue and an abnormal curve of the spine. 

Additionally, carrying excessive weight on the shoulders hinders a child’s growth and development. As a child’s body is still undergoing development, this issue could cause their skeletal structure to be deformed, and even show signs of poor posture and spine deformation. 

This is where ergonomic school bags come into play. Do not underestimate these sturdy backpacks — these bags are not only specially designed to distribute weight across the neck, shoulders and back, but also provide great back support for your child. Apart from encouraging healthy posture at a young age, ergonomic backpacks are known for having amazing storage space and whilst still being comfortably lightweight for school children. 


Choosing a suitable ergonomic backpack for your child 


  • Comfortable Back and Shoulder Support 

When choosing a school backpack for your child, it is important to ensure that the backpack is well padded for carrying while travelling to and from school. This prevents uneven weight distribution on the shoulders and back, which will lead to poor posture and hinder one’s skeletal development. With these padded elements, children will be able to carry backpacks more comfortably, and be well protected from sharp objects such as pencils and book edges. 

It is essential to choose a backpack with padded shoulder straps that rest in the middle of a child’s shoulder. This is because backpacks with thinner and narrow shoulder straps tend to dig into one’s shoulders, which affect overall circulation and nerve activity, leading to numbness and weakness in the arm areas. 

  • Durable, Lightweight, Water-resistant 

Having a lightweight and durable backpack ensures that your child is able to comfortably use his or her backpack for a period of time. As textbooks, stationery and other school essentials take up a considerable amount of weight, it is important that a backpack does not add additional unnecessary pressure on your child’s back and shoulders. Therefore, investing in a lightweight, ergonomic bag will provide your child with both comfort and good support. 

Backpacks that are water-resistant tend to be more durable and hassle-free than others as they ensure that no water leaks through, protecting your child’s school essentials safe and dry. This in turn also helps to maintain the inner material of the bag, preserving its condition well. 

  • Storage Space 

Storage space is an extremely important factor when choosing a backpack. Today, there are extensive varieties of school backpacks with compartments allocated for different school essentials. Having multiple compartments in a school backpack not only helps in weight distribution, but also provides easy organisation for your child’s laptop, textbooks and other items. This allows your kid to pack their school essentials well and locate them with ease. 

Although some ergonomic backpacks do come at a higher price, the various benefits and pros of your child using one makes them worth the price tag. At the end of the day, considering your child’s comfort and health is way more important when choosing a suitable backpack that he or she will be carrying around to and from school everyday. 

Here at Trio Kids Singapore, we believe in providing the best for your young one. Bringing a wide array of ergonomic school backpack sets suitable for both preschool and primary school children, your kid is free to choose from different colours and designs! Apart from backpacks, we also provide other school accessories such as lunch bags and pencil cases for you to match with. 

Be sure to check out our ergonomic backpacks at Trio Kids today!

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