Choosing the Right Toy for Your Little One

Unsure on which toy to get your curious little one? 

Trio Kids Singapore provides parents and families with our range of fun toys and educational activities for kids of all ages. Indulge in a memorable bonding time with your kid today! 

When picking out a toy for your little one, there are some points to consider: 


Having A Safe Play Time 


Make sure the toy that your kid is playing with is both fun, and most importantly safe to explore with. 

While choosing a toy or activity, ensure that it is suitable for your child in terms of age and developmental level and that it is made out of safe and non-toxic materials. 

Our Tooky Toy products are known to be eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic, and of high-quality material. This makes it safe for everyone — yes, even your little teething tot! With Tooky Toy’s wide range of products from wooden blocks for younger ones, to music instrument sets for junior Mozarts, your child is free to use their five senses while exploring these vibrant-coloured toys.


Easy Toys for Easy Play 


It is vital to choose a toy that your child is able to maneuver easily — having to figure out how to play with a toy can be frustrating for some, which will cause disinterest and boredom. When children are able to familiarise themselves with a specific toy, this increases self-esteem and achievement, which makes it more likely for them to reach out for it during their playtime, compared to another toy of a higher developmental level. 

Musical toys are not only easy for your child to get along with, but also aids in sensory development in his or her visual, auditory and motor skills. 

Having toys that produce sound like our Pound & Tap Bench helps to develop fine motor skills and stimulate a child’s sense of hearing. Through its delightful sounds and vibrant colours, your little one is sure to be intrigued for hours. 

Portable toys are proved to be useful during long car rides or grocery runs. Not to worry — our Kaleidoscopes promise endless fun! With just a peek and easy turn of the kaleidoscope, your child will be transported into a magical world of different colours and patterns. 


Long-Lasting Toys


Your kid will definitely make the most use out of their toys during their daily play time. Therefore, considering a toy’s durability is important. To endure a child’s repeated use over time, the toy should be made out of durable and solid materials. For example, wooden toys are known to be extremely durable, environmentally friendly and safe for young children. 

Investing in durability is important. Today, wooden toys are everyone’s go-to for longer lasting play products as they promise durability, and can also be refinished to look new. Even after repeated use, dropping and hitting, a toy made out of wood is still able to withstand all this impact due to its strong material. 

Tooky Toy is known for its extensive range of wooden toy products for children of all ages and interests. Check them out at Trio Kids Singapore today! 


Learning Through Play: Educational Benefits and Important Values 


Lastly, choosing a toy that benefits both your child’s learning and moral understanding will impact future skills essential for their knowledge, as well as in having positive interactions with others. 

Playing with toys should provide children with an opportunity to expand on their knowledge — if a child aimlessly plays with an object having no specific goal in mind, it will end up wasting their physical energy, and at the same time make play time not as productive and beneficial as it should be for their childhood. 

Picking out a toy which teaches educational concepts or important values is essential as toys are known to be the main tools to introduce these skills for young children. In addition, allowing a child to learn through play helps to lay the basic skills needed when they grow older, may it be learning new concepts at school or making new friends. 

For younger ones, learning to walk or pull something is an accomplishment — with our Beads Coaster, your little one will never take his or her eyes off this captivating toy. By incorporating this toy into your child’s play time, he or she will enjoy moving the vibrant beads around, which helps in hand-eye coordination. This will also give an opportunity to develop necessary fine motor and basic thinking skills. 

Have a more artsy kid at home? Not to worry — we have a range of art activities and supplies for your child to indulge in during their play time! From beeswax crayons to washable markers and finger paint, you never have to think twice about your kid’s colourful mess again. Unleash your child’s inner Picasso today! 


And that isn’t all — here at Trio Kids Singapore, you can embrace the freedom to choose from our wide variety of toys and craft activity kits! 

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