9 Educational Toys in Singapore That Will Improve Your Kid’s Skills

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Many parents worry about the effect that electronic devices will have on their kids. They worry that these devices are taking away opportunities for social interaction, physical activity, and creativity. But there is no need to fear – even if your kid spends hours every day playing video games or watching videos online, they can still learn a lot.

There are plenty of educational toys out there which make use of technology in innovative ways to teach skills like reading, spelling, math, science…even art! These nine educational toys in Singapore will improve your kid’s skills in various ways like reading, spelling, math, and more.

Interested? Keep reading for more information on each toy.

1. The Prankster’s Party Pack

This game lets kids play practical jokes with their friends and family members. When played this game helps develop your kid’s creativity, communication skills, and critical thinking. With these educational toys in Singapore, Kids learn how to fix the problem, fix themselves, communicate better with others, and tell creative lies!

2. Scribblenauts Unmasked – Destiny Downs (3ds)

Kids can use their imagination to create stories in this interactive game that is part of a popular comic book series for young adults. This game develops writing skills as it encourages children to come up with new ideas that not only enhance gameplay but also expand the narrative behind it.

3. Educational Insights Jumbo Magnetic Letters and Numbers

This game develops your kid’s spelling, reading skills, and cognitive development by encouraging them to learn the alphabet, spell random words correctly, identify numbers, and more! With bright colors and attractive pictures on each magnetic piece, it keeps kids engaged throughout their playtime.

4. Sheriff of Nottingham (Board Game)

Kids learn how to negotiate with others while trying to get away with smuggling goods in this board game that requires quick thinking to win. It also requires building relationships because players have to determine if others are fair or if they’re trying to con them into paying heavy fines for legally permitted items. This game teaches kids how to deal with moral dilemmas and think on their feet.

5. Educational Insights Picture Perfect Word Sentences

This board game encourages players to form a complete sentence that shows enough evidence to get away from being falsely accused of breaking the law. It builds reading skills, writing skills, critical thinking skills, and increases vocabulary by making word associations. The basics of storytelling are incorporated in this educational toy as well.

6. Barney’s Lavender Lake (DVD)

This educational DVD teaches kids about their emotions and how to manage them in difficult situations. Educational toys in Singapore like these also help your kid get along better with others, increases perspective-taking skills, and heightens empathy. This is an excellent educational toy for young children who are more sensitive and need some guidance on expressing themselves while learning valuable life lessons.

7. Just Dance 2018 (Xbox)

This is a fun way to keep your kid active and learn about different forms of dance from around the world. It develops motor skills, coordination, listening skills, cognitive development, and teaches teamwork as you have to cooperate with other players for a successful dance routine! There are also multiple difficulty levels so it’s good for kids of all ages.

8. Planes Fire and Rescue Playset

Kids can use their imagination to build or rebuild their own town after a fire breaks out! They will need to try out various strategies in order to save as many people as possible by extinguishing the flames and evacuating them from burning buildings. This toy develops building skills as it encourages kids to create their own buildings and comes with a variety of vehicles, figures, and accessories.

9. Smartmax Rocket Reading Toy

This toy develops reading skills as it prompts your kid to read aloud or say a word that’s on the screen to launch a rocket into space! They also learn how to spell words correctly, identify colors, listen for directions, and use hand-eye coordination as they move their little astronaut around the pad. These educational toys are great for kids aged three to seven years old! Now that you know about these nine educational toys in Singapore that will improve your kid’s skills you can start playing with them today!

In conclusion:

The last thing you want to do is ignore your child’s intelligence. It can be daunting trying to choose the right toys for a kid that constantly wants new things, but there are some educational options out there that will keep them engaged and learning while they have fun. We compiled a list of nine different items so you don’t have to spend hours browsing online or at toy stores in person. No matter what budget you’re working with, we’ve got something on this list for all kids! Which one would your little ones like best?

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