6 Essentials That Should Always Be in a Kids Backpack

As a parent, we always want to make sure that our children are prepared for any emergency. Kids have a tendency to forget the little things at home or not think about packing their backpacks with all the essentials. What if they can’t get home? Kids should always carry around 10 essentials in their backpacks at all times. We will discuss what those are and why you need them in their backpacks. Without further a due, let’s see what these must-haves in your kid’s backpack are.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must-have for kids in their backpacks. Kids are always touching things and they often forget to wash their hands after playing outside or going to the bathroom. Hand sanitizer does not need water, making it perfect for when kids get stranded somewhere that doesn’t have any running water! Kids can use hand sanitizer to keep their hands clean and use it as a last resort in case they don’t have any soap.

A water bottle

A water bottle is the most important thing to always have in your backpack. Kids may not think about it, but they should be drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day. Kids who do not drink enough liquids during the school day are more likely to get dehydrated if there’s any kind of emergency and need a drink. Kids can also use a water bottle as an emergency kit to get clean water in the event of a flood. Kids should always carry around 24 ounces, and make sure it’s full!

A snack

Kids shouldn’t go too long without eating so they should always have something small with them at all times. They can eat it if they are hungry or if they are thirsty to help prevent them from suffering from hypoglycemia. Kids should carry a protein bar, granola bars, or some fruit sticks with them at all times in case they get hungry and need an emergency snack.

Extra clothes and shoes

Kids should always have an extra pair of clothes and a set of shoes in their backpack. Kids who get wet or muddy, or if they are sick may need to change into clean clothes when they return home from school. Kids can also use the extra clothing as makeshift blankets for those times it gets cold at night or during emergencies such as earthquakes happen. Kids should always carry a change of clothes and an extra pair of shoes in their backpack.

Sunscreen and a hat

Kids should always carry around sunscreen and a hat in their backpack. Kids can use sunscreen as protection from getting burned or suffering from heatstroke. Kids who forget about the importance of wearing hats with any kind of activity are more likely to suffer from heat-related illnesses. Kids should always carry around a hat with them when they are outside for an extended period and sunscreen in their backpack at all times.

Band-Aids and other first-aid supplies

Kids should always have band-aids and other first aid supplies in their backpacks. Kids can get hurt doing just about anything, so it’s important to make sure they’re prepared for any little accident that happens while they are outside or playing with friends. Kids may also need the bandages after a scrap from falling on the playground or getting hurt after a game of soccer. Kids should always carry around first-aid supplies in their backpack to be prepared for any kind of accident they may encounter on the playground or playing with friends.


Kids should always carry these essentials in their backpacks to be prepared for anything that happens. Kids may not think about packing all the essentials, but they must do so because there are many things kids can use after an emergency has happened. Kids don’t want to get stranded somewhere and have nothing! These must-haves will help them survive any kind of emergency if one ever pops up on their way home from school. That concludes our list. It’s not enough what should be in your kids’ backpack, you can customize the list to your and your kid’s liking. You can also include a map and mark your home location on it in case the kid is lost and needs help finding his/her home or you can place a tracker on it if that suits you.

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