5 Best Toys in Singapore for Your 3-Year Old’s

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Life as a parent can be tough at times, but one thing that always seems to bring joy is the toys. No matter what toy you have in your house, they all have a special place in your heart and memories associated with them. It’s amazing how these tiny objects can do so much for a child’s learning, fitness and imagination. Toys in Singapore are meant to be played with-so let’s show our kids how it’s done by playing with them ourselves.

Children’s toys have come a long way from when we were kids. In today’s world, there are so many different types of them that really allow the child to use their imagination and be creative in how they want to play, whether it is educational or just for plain old fun. If you’re having a hard time thinking about what kind of toys in Singapore, your children would like the most, look below for some ideas.

1. A Kinetic Sand Set

This wonderful set of sand has properties of normal sand but it never dries out. Kids can mold this kinetic sand into anything their heart desires and it won’t stick to your carpet or furniture making cleaning up a breeze. If you’re looking for something that is fun for the whole family, this would be a great choice.

2. A Mini Electric Car

Kids are fascinated with cars but sometimes they just don’t have the strength to push them around on their own. This mini electric car allows children to drive it with help from a home power supply or even directly through solar energy via the windows in your home. The best part is that not only can it be driven by children, but adults as well for some fun family time!

3. A Solar Explorer

Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered what all those stars are? Well, now there’s no need to wonder because with this solar explorer kids can explore the stars and planets in the solar system from the comfort of their own homes. It’s a great way to introduce children to astronomy, or for older kids to learn more about it.

4. An Inflatable Playhouse

What child doesn’t want a place they can call their very own? With this inflatable playhouse, you don’t have to worry about your child getting paint on your furniture or toys being strewn about all over the house. This playhouse is great for kids of many ages and it’s just plain fun!

5. A Pet Rock

Yeah, it may sound silly but this pet rock is actually a lot of fun. It doesn’t require any food, maintenance, or even a cage! Kids can pretend they’re the parents of their very own pet and watch it grow over time. One of the most fun games we’ve seen with this is to put two different colored rocks in each other’s cages and see what kind of rock-offs ensue. It’s pretty funny actually.

So there you have it, five fun toys to buy for your kids. These are just some of the thousands of toys in Singapore out there but they are guaranteed to bring anyone hours of enjoyment. If you’re worried about money, fret not because most of these can be found online with great deals, especially when buying in bulk.

Why is it important for parents and children to spend time together playing with toys

Parents and children should play with toys together. Kids play with toys to learn, be fit and imagine new things. It’s important for kids to play with their parents too so they can get ideas from them and also be happy.

Parents searching for the perfect present for their child will likely come across different toy manufacturers that claim to sell toys that are ergonomically designed for three-year-olds, but what is the best toy for 3-year-olds?

There are many benefits of playing with toys. The first benefit of playing with toys is that it helps children learn through exploration and experimentation. Children learn through “trying out” new things and seeing how different toys work (e.g., toy cars, blocks, playhouses). Toys also promote children’s curiosity about the world. For example, if a child is playing with train tracks, they’ll be naturally curious to know where the train goes after it leaves the station.


Spending time with your children is a crucial part of being an involved parent. It’s important to note that the toys you buy for them can have a significant impact on their development and education too! In this blog post, we’ve highlighted the five best toys in Singapore for 3-year olds, all of which offer different benefits when it comes to encouraging imaginative play or developing fine motor skills. If you’re looking to find new ways to spend quality time with your child while strengthening their cognitive abilities then these are excellent options. You may also want to consider incorporating some games like “The Floor Is Lava” (which challenges kids’ executive function) into your regular game night outings as well. Do any of these sound fun? Let us know.

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