23 Best Toys in Singapore for Christmas

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Toys are one of many things that can make Christmas time even more fun. It’s important to get kids something they will enjoy, and there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Whether you’re looking for gifts for your neighbors or relatives, or you want to buy for your own children, here’s a list of some of the best toys in Singapore.

Here’s a list of some of the best toys in Singapore for Christmas:

1. Playmobil Fire Station

This toy allows kids to drive the fire engine around while saving all the people trapped inside.

2. Disney Princess Palace Pets

Girls can care for their pets while also playing dress-up with them.

3. Toy Story Woody’s Round-Up

This is a fun game that features four different games, including one where players are taken on adventures with cowboy Woody and his friends to collect goodies from other cowboys while trying to stay one step ahead of Creeper Jones.

4. LEGO Elves Lucy’s Exploration Caravan

This toy has three different play areas, all designed to be used with the included mini-doll figure and playset.

5. Hatchimals

These toys come in an egg and kids must nurture them until they hatch, revealing a furry friend of varying species inside.

6. Barbie Dream House

Girls can play with this toy while also building the house up to provide even more fun features like a new room for Barbie.

7. Shopkins Season 6

Typically, these toys in Singapore are blind packs of cute grocery items with faces, but this set brings them all together in one place for kids to collect and trade.

8. Littlest Pet Shop Beach House

This is a fun playset where animals can sit on the porch while being admired by a monkey.

9. Pixar Cars 3

This game allows kids to battle with Lightning McQueen against Jackson Storm and other foes while racing around the track.

10. Doc McStuffins Lambie

Kids can play games with this toy while also giving her medicine when she’s sick because that’s what Dr. Doolittle does for her pets at home.

11. Paw Patrol Everest’s Rescue Snowmobile

This toy has a launcher that shoots the snowmobile across the room with Ryder and his pup buddy at the wheel, so kids can save Everest from danger.

12. Moshi Monsters Katsuma Pet

These are plush creatures that change color depending on how they’re fed, and kids can use them to adventure through the Moshi universe.

13. Paw Patrol Lookout Playset

This toy comes with an action-packed tower that’s packed full of weapons for Ryder and his pup buddies to use during missions.

14. Schleich North American Wildlife Collection

These are detailed animal replicas made from painted plastic that are officially licensed, so they’re accurate.

15. Barbie Dream House

This toy has a working elevator and staircase which kids can use to collect even more accessories for their dream house.

16. LEGO Speed Champions Mazda Furai Concept Car

This is an official buildable set of the vehicle from the Gran Turismo 6 game, and it features opening doors and a removable windshield.

17. Slime Baff

This toy is water mixed with magic powder that turns into slime when blended together.

18. Vtech Smartwatch

Kids can program this to work with other toys, so they can interact even more with themselves or other children.

19. Shopkins Season 6 Blind Bag

These are more cute grocery items with faces, all of which have names and descriptions on the back.

20. LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book

This comes with an exclusive Mr. McGregor Minifigure so kids can reenact scenes from Peter Rabbit or make up their own stories for him to star in.

21. L.O.L Surprise Pets

These are cute toys in the form of pets, each set has a different kind in it so kids can collect them all.

22. Shopkins Season 6 Bag

This is another good way for fans to get their hands on more Shopkins to add to their collection, the bag includes one mystery Shopkin and three more of the collectibles.

23. LEGO Superheroes the Milano Spaceship Rescue

This set is based on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and it has an opening cockpit, stud shooters, and four mini-figures to play with.


Our list of the 23 best toys in Singapore for Christmas is just a sampling of some excellent choices. There are many other options that may be more appropriate depending on your child’s age and favorite toy brands, so we encourage you to do additional research before making any final decisions about what to buy. Whether it’s an educational or creative toy they’ll love playing with over and over again, one of these gifts will make sure their holiday wish lists don’t go unfulfilled this year! Excited yet? Learn more by visiting our website https://triokids.com.sg/

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