Are Wooden Toys Singapore Worth the Investment?

When purchasing toys for kids, it is important to note the quality of the toys. The plastic toys usually don’t last longer. In this case, the wooden toys in Singapore are the best option for getting something valuable for your kids. At Trio Kids, we have wooden toys for kids of all ages, usually made of wood. In this blog, we will see the benefits of using wooden toys and whether they are worth the investment. 

Advantages of Using Wooden Toys

Wooden toys bring so many benefits and are useful in many ways. 

Build to last: The wooden toys are made up of strong materials. Wood is a material that is well known for its strength and endurance, especially when used to make toys. While toys made from plastic become fragile and brittle and break after some time, toys made from wood are stronger, can last for several years, and can even be handed down to other children in the family or the next generation. This makes them a better option in the long run since one does not have to keep on purchasing toys that have been damaged and need replacement.  Think about being able to pass on a wooden train set for a dollhouse that you valued so much as a child to the next generation of kids.

Safety First: It is important to ensure that children are safe, especially at a tender age. In most instances, wooden toys are not manufactured with chemicals such as lead or BPA, which are known to be problematic with some plastics. Find brands using non-toxic paints and finishes to enhance safety and health standards.  This is particularly so in Singapore, where children are likely to sweat due to heat and may thus be more vulnerable to toxic chemicals that can come out from plastics.

Open-Ended Play: Wooden toys are generally less complex in shape and style, which is beneficial in developing creative and imaginative play. The blocks, dolls, and puzzles will help kids create situations and tell their stories. This promotes thinking, reasoning, creativity, self-maintenance, and exploration in play. Compared to plastic toys with specific characteristics, wooden toys promote creativity by letting kids define their play scenarios.

Sensory Appeal: Wood’s intrinsic properties, such as warmth and texture, appeal to children and increase the haptic sense. Wood is heavier than most plastics, and its texture is less stimulating than the plastic feel, which may help calm the child down and help him or her focus on the toy. Wooden toys are also useful for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as children can grasp and manipulate objects with their hands.

Sustainable Choice:  Many wooden toys are carved out of eco-friendly materials, particularly wood, and therefore can be considered environmentally friendly. This aligns with the increased awareness and focus on environmental sustainability in Singapore.  Some of the wooden toys can be used to teach children about sustainability. 

Weighing the Options:  Factors to Look for in Wooden Toys

Initial Cost: A wooden toy may cost more than a plastic toy in the initial stages because wooden toys are often hand-crafted. However, because they are long-lasting, they could also be cheaper in the long run than other lighting types.

Maintenance: Wooden toys are relatively easy to clean but may need to be wiped down occasionally with a damp cloth and a gentle soap. Do not use abrasive chemicals or immerse them in water.

Not All Wood is Created Equal: When purchasing wooden toys, choose ones of good quality wood and non-toxic paints or varnish. Check that they have complied with all the safety requirements, as required in Singapore.


At Trio Kids, we have different options for wooden toys for all ages. These toys can promote creativity, safety, and even environmental responsibility. The initial cost of some toys may be higher, but their durability and strong material make them unique. With a good selection of wooden toys, you can make your child’s play time full of creativity and fun.

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