Toys to Reduce Your Kid’s Screen Time

When running errands at home or the grocery store, it is easy to keep your child occupied with an iPad, but how often is it that kids automatically reach out to these devices at first glance? 

Electronics such as iPads and televisions have the ability to teach children various skills and allow them to adapt quicker in our rapidly evolving technological world. These devices are also known to make one’s educational learning fun and exciting, and are widely used by families, educational institutions and schools for this purpose today. 

However, although there are countless educational benefits, it doesn’t mean that your child should be left with a phone or tablet while you run your errands at the supermarket, or even be watching hours of television at home. 

For adults, we have the ability to make a conscious decision to put our phones down, but for younger children who have been consistently exposed to electronic devices or televisions, this routine of having screen time becomes their norm, and unfortunately becomes difficult for them to move on from it.

Having excessive screen time limits a child’s overall sensory and physical development, as well as face-to-face social interaction, sleep routine and vision. A study conducted in 2018 indicates that children who had over two hours of screen time daily scored lower on language and thinking tests. Additionally, it was revealed that kids with higher screen time hours were experiencing thinning of the brain’s cortex, which is detrimental in their critical thinking and reasoning development. 

Therefore, regulating your kid’s screen time is indeed necessary in order to provide him or her with a better learning environment, and to develop various skills that technology isn’t able to tap into. 

As easy as it sounds, there is an overlying question —  How do I get my child interested in something else that isn’t a phone, tablet or television? 

Look no further — Trio Kids Singapore has something for both you and your child! 

Curious Infants (6+ months) 

Playing with wooden blocks might seem like a simple playtime activity, but this classic toy can be spotted in every household with young children.

Wooden blocks are powerful learning tools for children of all ages as they help in developing motor skills, cognitive flexibility, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. This activity also serves as an outlet to express creativity and imagination. 

As for slightly older children, playing with building blocks allows them to discover basic engineering and science fundamentals as they are introduced to the concept of gravity and structure. These blocks can alternatively be used in practicing basic counting and familiarising pattern recognition, symmetry, fractions and measurement. 

Wooden blocks are suitable for every child to have fun whilst learning and developing new skills. Here at Trio Kids Singapore, we bring you a wide selection of building blocks for you to choose from. Create a wooden castle with your little one today! 

If you’re looking to start up your kid’s wooden block collection, be sure to check out our 39-piece Block Set, which consists of blocks crafted in various geometric shapes that will keep your little one captivated for hours! 

For parents who prefer a more calm and soft aesthetic style for their home, this 90-piece Block Set by Tooky Toy is perfect for you. This wooden block set is individually hand painted in a range of soft, muted colours. If your little one is teething, not to worry — these blocks are made out of carefully selected materials and hazard tested! 

39-piece Block Set, $26.90

90-piece Block Set, $64.90


Adventurous Toddlers (2+ years)


Looking for an activity that keeps your kid mesmerised for hours?Fishing Game Tooky Toy 1598155793 300x300 1 | Trio Kids | June, 2024

Concentration activities like our Tooky Toy Fishing Game require focus and patience, and will also help your little one improve in hand-eye coordination skills. From this activity, your kid will be teleported to the world of the ocean, colours and shapes. 

Grab a fishing rod and join in your child’s playtime today! 

Fishing Game, $24.90

Pretend play is essential in every child’s development, as this experience can bring kids on a learning journey to understand themselves and the world better. Through pretend play, children are given the opportunity to develop important complex social and thinking skills that other play activities are not capable of doing. For example, the activity of children playing ‘grocery store’ involves them recognising various fruits and objects, as well as using simple math concepts when calculating bills. 

Pretend play additionally allows young children to view themselves and others from a different perspective, during which emotions and ideas are shaped, building on one’s social and cognitive development along the way. These simple play activities not only gives kids the opportunity to unleash their imagination and creativity, but also provides a platform for them to develop social and emotional aspects such as responsibility and empathy for others. 

If your kid is one who loves pretend play, our Fruit Stand Kiosk, Little Doctor and Kitchen Sets are the perfect toys to keep them busy while learning! 

Fruit Stand Kiosk, $159

Little Doctor, $33.90

Kitchen Set Large, $149

Junior Enthusiasts (3+ years)


Rock Painting JarMelo 1598157370 300x300 1 | Trio Kids | June, 2024

For older children who prefer craft activities, our Rock Painting Kit will definitely bring loads of fun and joy to your kid’s play time, away from the screen! 

Painting is a vital educational activity which allows your child to strengthen their fine motor skills whilst communicating their emotions through the use of different paint brushes and colours. Through painting, your kid will be able to learn more about various sizes, shapes, patterns and designs. 

Bring out your kid’s inner artist and paint your one-of-a-kind rock memento with our Rock Painting Kit today! 

Amazing Origami Series JarMelo 1598157347 300x300 1 | Trio Kids | June, 2024

Doing origami helps to stimulate one’s thinking and problem solving skills, and introduces the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) approach to younger children. By working on an origami activity, kids will be able to realise the importance of accuracy, concentration and patience, whilst building their creative and logical thinking skills. 

Our Amazing Origami Series promotes your little one’s individuality and creativity in the form of 28 colourful illustrations and aesthetic patterns. Grab a kit and have a crafty time with your kid! 

Rock Painting Kit, 21.90

Amazing Origami Series$15.90

Notice a toy or activity that catches your eye? Check it out or head to Trio Kids Singapore for our extensive range of products today!

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